VPI upgrades question...

I was wondering what would be more benefitial or more bang for buck upgrade...
This kit for 899.00 which includes:
• Scoutmaster sandwiched double chassis with Scoutmaster logo and serial number
• Corner assemblies mounted with new Scout cone feet
• 1/2" thick tonearm riser assembly and 16 gauge black junction box support
• 300 rpm complete Scoutmaster motor assembly (only works with Scoutmaster, height is preset for double thick chassis)
• Scoutmaster large acrylic platter (allows use of HRX Periphery Ring Clamp)
• Inverted bearing assembly (same as used on the $10,000.00 HRX!)

or just get an SDS device...

My TT is sitting on heavy marble slab resting on a double pine board with rubber feet between them...cart is the DV-20
If you're still using the PLC to control speed, you NEED the SDS. But the other stuff sounds desirable too. Good luck, Dave.
Jsujo, the upgrade from the Scout to the Scoutmaster is very significant and well worth doing. Slipknot1 made this upgrade in recent months and the improvement in his system was very rewarding. If he doesn't chime in here, I'm sure he'd be happy to talk with you about his experience if you email him.

I'd recommend doing the Scoutmaster upgrade before the motor controller. The motor controller should be you next upgrade after the Scoutmaster. For the motor controller, the SDS is good, and you could consider a used Walker Audio motor controller for even greater improvement. But, do the Scoutmaster upgrade first.
As good as the Scout is, the Scoutmaster is a very large leap ahead, and at 900.00/upgrade is like getting a whole new, vastly improved turntable.

I will second Rushton's comments. I would do the upgrade first if for no other reason than the fact that the 300 rpm Scoutmaster motor is more suited to giving you a wider range of choices in Motor Controllers. I use the Walker motor controller in my setup, having auditioned it along with the SDS. The SDS is a fine unit to be sure, but in my system I prefered the Walker. That being said, I had the Walker on my Scout BEFORE doing the upgrade to Scoutmaster. But if you are currently in a position to do one or the other, do the Scoutmaster upgrade first. Everything the Scout does so well is done quieter, blacker, and more well defined on the Scoutmaster. And, who can argue with with the drop dead gorgeous looks of that double thick plinth and thick acrylic platter?
I found the SDS to be an excellent upgrade to my scout. It really quieted things down. I have read great things about the scoutmaster. It is definately alot more table. BTW that is not the HRX bearing. The HRX bearing would not work on a scoutmaster. It would not fit.
You may want to look into a better tonearm.
hiya jack. you know my thoughts... get the scoutmaster and the outer ring clamp. Alephman suggests new tonearm, wont happen. the scoutmaster is made for the JMW-9, you cannot add a graham, sme, or even the rega rb900 - i checked with VPI on this one, as well as a couple online retailers, and they all stood by the JMW-9.
Actually the HRX inverted bearing is larger and heavier than the Scoutmaster's, they both share the same design on the bearing, but it's not the same.