VPI unipivot tonearm and AS Smart Tractor


I have a Prime Signature with the 10" Fatboy unipivot tonearm. I noticed that when I tried to use the Smart Tractor on the turntable the Lemo connector cable interfered with the projector arm. Has anyone had this issue as well and come up with a solution?




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I have used the vertical extension adaptors to place the projector arm above the wire.  You can also disconnect the connector cable and place it so the wire is out of the way since there is no need for the signal during this stage of cartridge alignment.  

On VPI unipivots, I like to remove the armtube and align the jig directly to the unipivot point.

Use painters tape to secure platter etc. from any movement before removing the pointer beam (?) and reinstalling the armwand for cartridge alignment on the remaining secured jig.

The vertical adapters did the trick. Should have followed the sage advice - RTFM!