VPI Uni-Pivit Tone Arms

I have owned a few VPI TT with the uni-pivit arm. My current TT is the VPI classic 3 signature. The uni-pivit arm is wearing me out. The arm is always tilted to one side no matter how I adjust it. I also notice that the sharp point in the arm housing has rounded quite a bit. I remember some time ago when I touched it I would get a sharp prick like a pin sticking me. Now i can run my finger across it without worrying. Is this normal?
Has anyone else notice the tilted arm? Mine is tilted to the left and sometimes the ears (the part that sticks out from the arm housing) touches the base of the housing.

But with all this discomfort, the TT still sounds awesome. But I hate those things about the TT that I pointed out. I owned the vpi classic, scout, and scout 2, and they all have those faults I mentioned that bothers me.

What's your experience with the uni-pivit arms?

I sympathise with you.  I tried a few unipivot arms and decided they were too wiggly and fiddly for me.  However, I still have an old Magnepan arm and for whatever reasons, I still kind of like it.  All my other arms contain conventional bearings of which my old Linn Ittok is probably the most satisfying.
I am in touch with VPI and they are going to send me new spike. Mine is worn down badly. 
This is what I would do, and have done to most of my VPI turntables....Remove the uni-pivet and throw it in the trash where it belongs.......Buy you a REGA 600 or 700 tonearm and install it, and now you have a very nice tutntable............Will
With that second pivot...   screw the side weights all the way in...the arm will lightly rest on the second pivot....adjust the second pivot screw to adjust azimuth.  Very easy to do and very rewarding.  It cost 150 dollars and makes the arm much better. THE Foz makes it very easy ...be sure to use a new battery every time, and also use the recommended test LP
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