VPI turntable stand

I have VPI Aries 3 and want to buy solid rack for it. What do You think about VPI stand? What distance between shelves does it have?
Thank for any help.
hey petr, check my system and see how i have my aires three setup, may give you some ideas, mike
Hi Mike,
You have a nice system. I also use the VPI+Dynavector+Ear 834. I like it is lot. But I've got a problem: my old racks aren't solid or strong enough. The consequence of that is an sound. On the homepage of VPI I have seen a good rack, but the picture is very small. Besides there isn't enough information about that rack.
I've been using a Mapleshade Samson with excellent results. I did need to get a separate platform to use as a top shelf due to the footprint of my TNT 6HR. Happy to send you a photo - just email me.
Thank you very much for your help.
Thank you very much for your help.