VPI Turntable repair

I have a Gen-1 VPI Traveler with a defective arm.  I contacted VPI about this and sent them my arm, and they said it was irreparable.  I was wondering if anyone knew of an aftermarket tonearm that would fit, or for that matter an aftermarket source for repair?  

Thank you ever so much.  I greatly appreciate any help.  

And VPI didn't offer ANY  solution?

Even if it's an older, most companies advise what are possible/practicle options. No mention of them having an arm available?

VPI is typically great with support.

Great excuse to now move up the turntable food chain.

Is it factory defective or was it broken?  I’m sure the gimbal arm they make would work. I would try to work a deal with them as what you stated does not sound like the VPI that I dealt with for many years. You can contact Mat Weisfeld on Facebook as he posts there many times a week. He is a good guy and I’m sure he will help you. 
I should be able to fix the tonearm and I know what the common problem is. Just give me a call and send a few pictures.
Thanks for all your comments.  It was loose and apparently when I tried adjusting the screws based on online suggestions, I must have damaged  the bearings.  Totally my fault. 

I sent the arm to VPI, and they said they could not fix it as the sapphire bearings were damaged beyond repair.  They did NOT suggest an alternative gimball arm that would fit; they did, however, mention that my option may be a used arm, which (should they have one) cost me $500.

Did this get resolved? I now have the same issue. Honestly a $500 replacement arm is reasonable to me. I feel like this arm must be a little more than entry level if the similar design is being used in a $4k arm. 

I sent an email to the company, no response. I tried emailing [email protected] thinking it may be his email address, no response and no bounce back saying it was invalid. Ok... so I called. I was told today they may or should have an answer in a couple months. I had to ask for the guys contact info, he didn’t offer to contact me when a resolution was found... I figured he would say “let me get your info and I’ll call you once we figure out how we will proceed”. That made me assume this isn’t a very high priority. 

The issue with mine is the metal “male” end of the bearing is broke off, my dog knocked the tower speaker over on it. The arm isn’t bent, the table/platter is true. My Dyna DV20X2 is smashed now... Apparently they got rid of one of the machines used in the process of setting the male metal end of the bearing that sits in the jewel cup. 

I bought all my audio gear in 2012/13 knowing one day I could use it to its full potential when I bought a house. One of the main things I did was make sure I bought gear built by companies that service their products no matter how old. Dec 18 I moved out of the crappy uninsulated cardboard duplex into a well insulated first home... I finally set all my gear up last Friday and my god It was so sweet. The feeling I had listening to albums was unexplainable. 

I’m left without a source. I didn’t feel that hopeless after I narrowed down the damage to the arm, after my conversation today I feel pretty hopeless. Especially considering one option was to make an adapter to mount one of the multi thousand dollar arms, at a discount. Not sure what that discount would be. I really enjoyed the table how it was. 

Check out @vasaudio 's offer. He resides on Cliffwood Ave and works closely with VPI.
Maybe my assessment wasn’t fair, I am thinking they could be ramping up production to meet orders before tax season. I can imagine this is a Busy time for them, I could see them getting around to messing with this after. 

I reached out to the gentleman above, there is hope. 
Chriscox000 your assessment was spot on.   Recently, I had the same experience with non-response from VPI.....but my earlier email interaction with them was very cordial.  Also the $500 replacement arm they offered (this was in an earlier communication) was a used one.  Since the table in the used market sells for $600-800.....I did not go for this option.

I also have a VPI TNT which I absolutely love, and I am not for a moment complaining about the general quality of their tables.  However, the defect in the Traveler arms is a well known issue and, while it was my fault for trying to adjust the bearings, I should not have been put in that predicament in the first place had the arm been properly designed.  No disrespect intended, but I think I will stay away from VPI tables henceforth.

So....I did send my arm to Steve Leong of VAS Audio (earlier message) and he replaced the Sapphire bearings with Ruby bearings for just $150 including return shipping.  The arm works like new.    I also bought a VAS open-bodied cartridge from him, and the whole package was less than what VPI would sell me a used arm for.  And the cartridge sounds fabulous.  I couldn't be happier.  
Great news to hear Steve could fix this and at a very fair price indeed.

On the contrary though, shame on VPI for their attitude in this matter.

Never owned a VPI and most likely never will if this is an example of " service".
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Hey guys, if you have any questions on whether something can be fixed or need an arm/table looked at, feel free to contact me.
Or if you just want something tuned up, like replacing the tonearm wire or performing some preventative maintenance, I am good for that too.
I wanted to mention that VPI did offer me a V1 Arm they dug up to swap out at no charge but they are working on a better solution. I wanted to make sure people knew they offered me a solution. I had no clue these were only worth $600-800.

I told them I was having mine repaired, and to let the next guy have it.

I feel comfortable with Steve repairing and tuning it, I have read that he is very skilled. I hope to get ruby bearings too!