VPI Turntable choices.

I am in the market again for a turntable. I am torn between the VPI HW-19Mk3 and the VPI Prime Scout. I have owned the Mk3 before, no modifications plain factory setup. I have missed it ever since I sold it for its attractive price and its ability to play vinyl so well.

My question is for those may have moved up to a Prime Scout from something like the HW-19Mk3, for the price difference, was the improvement worth the money or did you find the Mk3 comparable doing some possible upgrades?

Before I get a lot of other suggestions I really want to stick with VPI, I have always been pleased with their turntables and I know what to expect when purchasing one over the internet.

Thanks for the input


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@bpoletti, in the past year I got the best deal of my audiophile life. I found an Aries 1 in great condition, missing its' bearing housing and platter. Just the plinth with its' four cone feet, motor in its' separate pod, and arm board, for $400. Shortly thereafter I found an Aries 1 bearing (1" threaded stainless steel) and platter (the 1.25" thick version---3/8" Delrin top layer, 7/8" aluminum/lead bottom layer), also in Mint- condition, for $300. Nice turntable for $700!
My friend went from a 19 to a prime scout and there was a significant difference and you have all modern upgrade options. As the poster up above said if you can swing the superscout from Upscale Audio you will be set for life. 
I picked up a VPI Ares 3 a couple of years ago with the super platter mounted on it.  I replaced the conical feet it came with as they were not effective at isolating acoustic feedback with my second level listening area on a wood floor/post and beam framed area.   The table weighs around 75 pounds so I fitted a set of four SVS Isofeet made for their subs and they completely dampened any and all feedback and foot drops.  

The turntable is absolutely fabulous, I would highly recommend it.
I mounted a SME Series IV tonearm.