VPI turnover

SOmetime a loud POP sound will come out from the speaker when I put a LP on the VPI Aries with 10.5i. Will it be something to do with the grounding. My old VPI9" arm have a grounding cable connect to the RCA connection box, however the 10.5i don;t have. Please adivse.

Static electricity perhaps? Does it happen year around or only in cold, dry months?
It happened after I installed the CJ pre-amp, and it was after X'mas, maybe the dry and colder weather. But it is never happening before with the Manley Steelhead.
My CJ Premier 17LS2 was a holy terror as far as static was concerned. When I switched to an Aesthetix Calypso the static problems diminished to the vanishing point. The CJ tended to mute often when I touched it, and I got loud static pops whenever I touched anything else made of metal in the system, including the tone arm.
you are absolutely correct, that's what happening to me, sometime when I put on or leave up the LP and hit the spindle, all the lights on my CJ will light up and if I tried to use the remote to mute it, the loud POP sound will come out. What is the best solution to solve it beside to change the CJ?
Static electricity, put a humidifier on your furnace or heat pump, better for your equipment and your health. If my house dips below 30% humidity I get shocked every time I touch anything.
Gerbie, I tried EVERYTHING to solve the CJ's static electricity behavior. Two room humidifiers, static tinsel draped over everything (including wrapping it around the arm of a "dust bug" device), covering the W-W carpet in front of the system with small oriental rugs, stopping dead in front of the system for 10 seconds before touching anything. I could bring the problem to manageable proportions with this sort of thing, but frankly it still annoyed the hell out of me and I'm sure glad I replaced the preamp -- however good it sounded, and it did -- with the Calypso. Good luck.