VPI TT - Scoutmaster, Aries or TNT-Jr?

I am beginning my research into purchasing a TT for my system. I am interested in the VPI TTs, but I'm a little confused about which one would be right for me. The Scoutmaster ($2500), Aries 3 ($2900) and TNT-Jr MK-2 ($2600) are all within my price range, but I'm not sure which would be best suited for my tastes. Can anyone please describe the differences between the three listed tables? My listening will be mostly blues, rock and folk-rock, with a smattering of classical and jazz thrown in as well.

My System:
Zu Druid speakers
Zu Varial ICs
Zu Ibis speaker cables
Supratek Chenin preamp
Gilmore Raven amp
Zero One Mercury CD/HD player
PS Audio Power Plant Premier
Channel Islands XDC-2 power line filter
Buy in front of the curve, a unit that can be ordered with the rim drive, super platter, 12.6i arm, upgraded wiring, ring. Plan on having the SDS, it is mandatory with VPI stuff. It is not cost effective to do VPI upgrades, get it right from the beginning. Compromise on the cartridge, which will wear out and then you can upgrade, on a cost effective basis, to better. Not sure what interconnects would mate with the Supratek Chenin preamp. Checking the latter out is important, as the sound is going to be a function of the complete chain.
I pretty much agree with Tiger, however, if you don't have all the money for the big outlay, the Superscout can accomodate future upgrades. ..the big one is the rim drive...really makes a difference.
Not sure if your just comparing TT prices and features.. or if your looking at used.. but.. there's an Aries with the 10.5i tonearm for 3300$... looks like a heck of deal.. I got my original aries and 10.5 on this site in '03 for 2600$ You may want to consider that in your equation...

also figure that all the original packing is a serious requirement for a used purchase... and that picking up the table from a local seller may be worth the wait.

just some additional thoughts to Tiger's above..
I guess I'm wondering why VPI has three different TTs at about the same price point. Do they offer different sound, is one preferable for rock, another for classical, is one more upgradable, does one offer lower noise, the other better dynamics, etc. Also, I have been offered a deal on an Audiomecca Romance with Romeo arm for $1200 - how does the Audiomecca compare to the VPIs?
I own a TNT Jr Mk 2 and have listened to the others. The TNTs have a different sound. (There's a picture of my table with the pics of my system.) They give a larger scale presentation of the music, a huge 3d soundstage, which I happen to prefer -- but reasonable ears may differ. The Scout line has been getting all the press in recent years, but I think the current TNT Jr is a sleeper. I listen to different kinds of music and I couldn't say that the table does better with one kind of music than another.

If you decide on a TNT, I strongly suggest having it cut for the HRX motor, which adds to the price but is a very worthwhile upgrade. The SDS is also very worthwhile . . . as you can see it goes up and up . . .