VPI TT Belts

Has anyone tried something other than the black belt that comes with your VPI TT? If so what and what were the results?
Yes indeed, I replaced the rubber belt with the nylon thread of the Loricraft RCM (any nylon thread will do it ) and I will never go back. Speed stability has increased and soundstage imaging is more precise.
I don't understand why many manufacturers continue to provide TT with those silly rubber belts , thread is much better and more accurate.
I believe someone posted awhile back that they had used carpet thread with good results.
The speed on my Scout stays steady with the rubber belt, but that's with an SDS in the chain.
A question to those above that responded.
I tried a nylon thread belt on my super platter/TNT table.
I hoped for super stability over the rubber belt but the sound became greatly tilted toward the highs, almost no bass or body, also playing just one LP produced a lot of static all about the platter, spindle etc. I am sure the thread was not slipping, otherwise my system/table, LP surfaces are dead quiet.
I use an SDS with the KAB strobe.
There's been lots of discussion on this topic. You may want to search for it here and on other forum's as well. However, I think the prime consideration is to find a string/thread that does not stretch and that has minimal or no slippage. Dental thread is commonly suggested.

There was also a link to a site that showed how to best tie the knot to avoid a bump when going round the pulley.

I use two VPI belts, the original white and the newer black.
Two seem better than one.
Anyonelse tried extra belts on the Scout etc?