VPI Traveler v1 vs v2 comparison

I am new to the site. I have been considering the purchase of the VPI Traveler but v1 or v2? I was just wondering if anyone knows the changes recently made to the traveler. I know they are said to be "improvements" but it's hard to tell with the new rubber feet and I heard the v2 replaces the IEC with a wall wart power supply, the wiring also appears to be downgraded by looking at the limited pictures I could find.
I have had a Traveler V1 since last Dec and been smitten ever since, so take that into account. I have no experience with V2 but I am not sure what a wall wart brings to the table when there were no problems with V1. (I am aware of the few tonearm issues but I believe they have all been addressed quickley. In fact, this is an exceptional tonearm and the highlight of this table)
I have been very happy with this table because it sounds alot like the other VPI tables, musical, involving and very stable. It also has similar build quality with a more Zen like approach. Simple, economincal, heavy and clean with tight tolerences that feels like a fine instrument. Most turntables in this price range felt a little cheesey to me in comparison. The exception was the Clearaudio Concept, which I felt was a wonderful table in the same way the Traveler is.
I think if the Traveler appeals to you sonically you will have a 'pride of ownership' experience that others have had when you hear and play your lp's.
Thanks, I am just wondering if I should go for the new v2 or pick up the v1 while they are still available and on sale at many locations.
You can call/email VPI and ask them yourself about the changes to help you make this decision. The traveler is a great table and I think you would be happy with either version.

I have the original Traveler and I very happy with this version.
Below is VPI's response from my email asking them a few questions about some changes made to the version 2 Traveler.
1- The arm was changed to incorporate longer pins on the bearings so when the arm froze in UPS it would not come apart. They do not come apart in your home, even the old ones. Actually as we found out most arm bearings were broken because customers tried to rotate the counterweight instead of the adjustment thumbscrew in the rear!!!
2- The mat was changed because the new one sounds better. It is removable.
3- The logo was moved because of all the complaints of it in the front - we can't please anyone with this one.
4- The price increase is due to the inclusion of a 60 HZ generating power supply for much better sound and speed control. The Traveler now has a small SDS power supply built in.
Number 5 and 6 are my own additional remarks: The paint for the different colors is no longer a gloss finish but more of a matte finish. Number 6, the feet are no longer made of metal but made of rubber. This might make the sound a little warmer and help with vibration. Hope this helps! Tom
There is A LOT of startup belt chatter with the V2
@ Sbrownnw,

That is true I also noticed this. Not sure it is the belt (typical belt squeak) I think it might just be the pulley mechanism or the motor. It was a bit of an odd sound. But it only lasted about 3 seconds upon initial start up and then it was completely gone. I tried a few records and turned it off and on a few times and it always did the same thing. I guess the question to ask is if it is reliable (seems to be) then does that 3 seconds really ruin someones experience or not? It personally does not bother me much and it wouldn't be a deal breaker in buying one.
As far as "belt chatter" goes don't most of us give a little assist to our platter so as not to stretch belt and otherwise soften the blow of the initial power? I know I have always assisted my platter (esp. heavy plinths) before powerering up.
Is this something we should be doing?
@zennblaster: yes, platter startup assist helps extend belt life. Even doing this, i could not eliminate the startup chatter on the V2.
Thanks for the posts I did in fact purchase the newer model which is quite change from my late generation p2. There is much more life to my records now each one sounds new, I am hearing things I had not heard before. There is belt chatter that was mentioned previously but the bigger challenge for me is the motor noise of the v2 traveler, both off and on, even when the table is powered off the power-supply is producing a noticeable hum. I have not found this to affect in anyway the tt's performance, but after my Rega which has a dead silent DC motor, I am still adjusting and getting used to it.
@smatty, did you listen to a rega RP6 before you bought the Traveler? You might be surprised. I am loving my RP6, no hum, no belt chatter, great toe tapping open sound stage.
Do you have the RP-6 now and the V-2? I was wondering what you did with the v-2? Did you resolve the issues?
@zen, I sold the V2 and went with a RP6, which I love. Great tonearm and table finish. I wish they spent a little more money and made the subplatter all metal, but still sounds great. Also really like the ability to adjust the anti-skate on the fly, and pretty much not using any AS now...
Start up belt chatter on VPI tables can be easily addressed by putting the belt in a ziplock bag, pouring in some baby powder, seal the bag again, shaking the bag, then pull the belt out and shake off extra powder. Then put the belt back on. You have to do this every few months if the chatter comes back. But it will be quiet. Try it out, this is advised by VPI. The motor pulley is designed to spin a bit loosely to make the motor as quiet as possible.
I did not listen to the p6, as much as I have enjoyed my p2 for the past 6+ years there are some things about Regas that just seem entry level. I still love my Mira3. I also love the 10" tonearm of the traveler and the power and speed stability of the ac motor vs Rega's dc motor. I could be wrong but I think that even with the TTPSU and laminated glass platter the traveler can most likely out-perform the p6 in terms of wow and flutter, maybe someone can post some comparison tests someday as these two TTs along with the Concept are all closely priced and in my opinion the 3 to consider at this price point. The traveler I bought was $400 less than the p6 at retail, and it is super fun to use, it does not feel entry level, and it sounds great. This morning my UK press of Hunky Dory had never sounded so vibrant and real, I had to spin it twice. I will try the baby powder on the belt, I am glad there is a solution to that squeak. I had been thinking about something to use as a belt dressing, but baby powder (cornstarch) hadn't crossed my mind.
@smatty, the v2 Traveler has a 48v DC motor. I got my new RP6 for less than what you paid for your v2 Traveler and I think both are excellent tables around the $1000 price range. I really like the finish of the RP6 and the on-the-fly anti-skate adjustment (set to no anti-skate now). I was not sure of the power switch on the plinth of the v2 Traveler and I like the TTPSU on / off, plus the 33 / 45 separate from the table.

Did powdering the belt take care of the startup chatter on your v2?
@smatty, and if powdering the belt did take care of you startup chatter (I hope it did), I wonder why VPI does not ship the belt pre-powdered with a recommendation to do it every month or so? The startup chatter made the v2 Traveler feel cheapish to me...
I have had a V1 Traveler since November 2012 and really like the sound of this table.

I had used a Thorens TD125 AB Mk11 since 1971, and did many improvements to it along the way.

It wasn't ten seconds into the first song with the Traveler table that I knew I made a wise choice.

Sound stage, overall clarity, and much deeper bass response are the notable improvements.

This table is very easy to set up, and looks fabulous in my living room (version 1). My girlfriend even thinks it looks cool!

I decided to treat myself to a low output moving coil cartridge, being so happy with the Traveler. I bought a Denon DL301 Mk II and the Shure step up transformers.

This combination of this table, cart and xformers is just wonderful.

When I bought the Traveler I did not know about a version 2 about to be released, but feel that my version 1 looks like a more high end table.

I see a lot of complaining about belt chatter or squeal on start up with a Traveler table. I look at it this way- it is nice to know the motor has enough torque to squeal the belt, rather than marginal torque and no squeal.

If you remember back to the muscle car days, it was pretty hard to leave the light and not make the tires "talk' a little bit. Grandmas 6 cylinder Bel Air was silent, and could not get out of its own way. Tires were cheap then, so who gave a rats arse. Belts are still cheap, so, there you go again! RIP Ronald.

You should hear some of the 60's and early 70's Columbia 6 eye Les Elgart albums on this table. It's so good it makes you want to cry!!!! Talking about toe tapping good? This is the bomb!!!

P.S. upsampling cd player just gathering dust. May just have to turn it into a drink holder. LOL

Bye, Bruce