VPI to Symphonic Line

I have a VPI Scout with a Lyra Dorian cart. That is connected to a Symphonic Line La Musica amp by a Cardas Golden 5 RCA cable which is connected to Impulse Aria SE speakers using BS active IV speaker cables.

Now i was thinking of changing the Cardas golden 5 for another cable. Since the Cardas is getting a bit old. The RCA connectors are not that tight anymore and maybe some newer cables with newer technology will be better.

The first cables that came to mind were:
Kimber select
JPS lab

In my opinion a cable between turntable and (phono)amp should be shielded. So where does that leave me? My budget is around €400. The first cable that come to mind is the Kimber KS-1016 or KS-1011.

So what do people here think. Do I even need an other cable. What would be an upgrade etc.

Thank you for answering.
I loved VPI's cable after trying many more expensive cables.
Zu Xaus
I doubt if you need one. Clean the contacts on your present RCAs and squeeze the outside prongs GENTLY together to make a tighter fit. I have had very good luck with VDH the First Ultimate, both shielded and unshielded. There may be cases where shielded is required but it will not be in every case. I am both a VPI and VDH dealer because I think both products offer high grade performance for a reasonable price. Cables are very taste and system dependent so try to hear some others without commitment if possible. As I said, Cardas is very good, I use GR speaker cables myself; I am not a dealer for them.
Cardas are great cables but bet where you want to soften the signal a bit.I think Stanwal's has a good idea at first,then consider VPI cables.And Nordost since Harry chose them.Maybe call Harry or Mike at VPI and ask them as well.Bes Nivera at Music Direct can also be a good help as he has VPI and large selection.If he doesn't have it he's heard it.
Yes, they should be shielded, such as the Kimber KS-1016, because otherwise they are unshielded, and naked.

And, you are right, the Cardas golden 5, do NOT age well. It's all that oxygen.
Thank you for the replies. Maybe I will email VPI.