VPI TNT Super Platter

Has anyone tried the VPI TNT Super Platter on a VPI Scoutmaster?

Is it worth it?

I currently have the carbon-infused "black" acrylic platter on my VPI Scoutmaster and always use the Periphery Ring and Center Weight when I play my vinyl records.
A friend of mine bought one for his Scout and he really likes it. He thought it made a huge difference.I had one on my Aries Extended but I bought it that way so can't comment on difference with standard platter.
I'd like to try one out as well, but I thought they were discontinued? They don't seem to come up for sale very often.
They are suppose to be but I would check with VPI to see if they had any left. I am a VPI dealer but they often have things that aren't on the current price sheet.
Just sent them an email. Will advise as to the outcome.
I have one on my Superscoutmaster rim drive. If you're comparing the black Superplater to the aluminum one, the black one has a more robust, authority in the bass. The mids and highs are very similar to the aluminum one, but the extra OMPH in the low end gives it a slightly heavier sound...the aluminum being a bit light. The bass is NOT boomy by any means...I think that it's what music really sounds like. There is great pitch and definition in both platters, but like I said there is more low ease with the Superplatter. The aluminum is easier to make so its cost is a bit less. There are those that have said that the aluminum being easier to get perfectly round has better pitch control, however, my platter seems to be true - at least to MY ears....and I am a professional violinist.
Isn't that the same platter as the HW-19 Mk4 upgrade? IIRC, that upgrade is still available.
Best would the heavy super Harry made for a bit then dropped.but in terms of sound nothing will beat the TNTV Methycrylete/aluminum which had to be dumped from line because of cost and lead to meet EU.Spoke with Mike about taking a spare TNTV and putting on a Scout or Scoutmaster and he said don't worry about 300 or 600 rpm motors.Yeah over time it's more of strain but not by much since it's not much required to get over initial inertia and then no big deal. 23 lbs better 30 lbs VPI should put them back in lineup (though have to respect Stingreens point about Aluminum being easier to work with).But more mass under LP,under turntable,speakers is best.Sucks you can't get old platter and a ring (weld on extension?)and worse newer composition ones that can use ring clamp isn't offered.Butlike with speaker stands mass helps so either newer "heavy" then add BDR one piece clamp (I use two piece model-best one out there) wall mount it if you can,use Gingko Mini Feet.But heavier makes music heavier!!
Interesting, I was told by Mike at VPI that the Super Platter is indeed no longer available from them since they are now deploying the new aluminum platter.

Mike also mentioned that since my VPI Scoutmaster is configured with the SSM carbon-infused "black" acrylic platter (instead of the "white" acrylic platter) and that I always use the VPI Periphery Ring and VPI Center Weight, there would be very little benefit to upgrading my platter to their newer aluminum platter.
The 25lb SuperPlatter has been discontinued. The 30lb SuperPlatter is still available. However, the 30lb SuperPlatter comes with the larger bearing and will consequently require drilling a larger hole in the plinth to accommodate the increased diameter. I bought the last 25lb SuperPlatter at discount from Elusive Disc. As it was their last one, they apparently decided to "let it go" as it was no longer going to be an inventoried piece.

I mounted the 25lb SuperPlatter on my fully upgraded Aries 2 Extended. It made little difference, but it looks really cool. To read and see the specifics of my fully upgraded Aries 2 Extended please see Seadog (my VA pen name) at Vinyl Asylum “Life Is A Beach Stereo” in the members profile section.
was told by vpi that the super platter is discontinued and repl by the aluminum one and has been removed from the accessory list on their website,,