VPI Tnt Questions

I have a TNT Jr. w/upgraded motor (single flywheel) super platter, SDS, Cardas interconnects, Benz Glider, JWM Memorial (I think 10) and it does sound absolutely wonderful (on Britestar Bigrock loaded w/sand on Billy Bags Pro Rack).

2 questions-

1st - how do I know if I have a JMW 10 or 12? Is it the length of the armtube/headshell or all the way back to the end of the armtube after counterbalance weight? 2nd, I know I can upgrade this rig up to a TNT Mk5. Anyone know if anything is involved, other than the feet?

Appreciate your help.
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I started with exactly the same set-up. Don't waste your time with the Mk5 upgrade. Switch from rubber belts to thread, substitute Stillpoints for the stock sprung suspension, and decouple the sandbox using springs as per Promethean plaform.

Yhanks. Regular sewing thread?
Heavy sewing thread, carpet or button thread, cotton polyester or polyester. Try to use thread that's not slippery through the fingers. Practice with a sandard double knot to arrive at the correct length & tension. Then cut the thread, measure its length, and start again with a fisherman's blood knot. This circulates without pinging. After careful tensioning, you will hear improvement using thread on both spans from flywheel to platter and from motor to flywheel.
Thanks alot. I will try it soon. I just broke one of my tara labs preamp to amp xlr cables so will not be able to listen for a while. Great time to upgrade. We'll see how Tara's upgrade policy is. They're exceptionally good guys so should be painless.
With respect to determining which arm you have, measure from the pivot point to the middle of the headshell. It will be 12" for the JMW 12/12.5/12.6. If it is 10" it is one of the JMW 10 variants.
I can vouch for the thread. I've tried pure silk (which I like best) and 100% Rayon. Don't shoot the messenger, but there is a sonic difference between the two, the Rayon sounding a bit more defined but with a slightly less organic quality. Go figure. Just don't use thread that will stretch over time.

In either case, the PRAT steps up quite a bit and detail and definition and air expand as well. You will have to play with the SDS to get the speed correct when using/changing thread, so have a strobe disk handy.

Thanks, guys. It is a 10" arm. It does sund awesome. I'll play around with thread.

Thank you.