Vpi tnt or vpi rosewood prime b

Looking to upgrade my turntable found a couple a tnt just rebuilt at vpi with 12 inch 3 d tone arm or vpi rosewood with 10 3 d tone arm please advices thanks scooter
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No I never said anything about my vpi red scout just want to upgrade Any  help would be appropriate thanks I’m not branded with any manufacturer thanks scooter
Having a VPI table does not mean you must have a VPI arm. You can take the VPI arm off the TNT (still a fine table imo) and mount any you want. The TNT makes a great platform for linear trackers, the ET being a favorite on the table.
VPI also now offers a dual pivot stabilizer, as well as a gimbal fatboy. I’d look into those options, as well as other options, before I went for a table with their usual unipivot - as a Koetsu lover the latter just makes me think of the tail wagging the dog. And as cool as the TNT is, a modern Rosewood Prime Signature looks a LOT slicker.
The Rosewood Prime Signature is mighty purty. An alternative to the TNT is the Aries 1, which with it's TNT-3/4 Delrin/aluminum/lead platter, is imo superior to the TNT-1/2. Cheaper and smaller, too.
As bdp24 stated the Aries 1 is a great table, there is one here or on another sales site with an SME 5 arm thru a dealer, as you have the Scout already, I am guessing the unipivot might not be an issue for you though. Enjoy the music