VPI Tables and Dr. Feikert Software: Any Experience

I currently have a VPI prime. I initially set azimuth by eye and the included leveling stick. It sounded very good but my friend was able to use a mirrored protractor and pictures to get it closer to 90%. This was an improvement to Imaging, soundstage and smoothness. This resulted in longer listening and a more involving experience.

This has now peeked my interest in getting azimuth even more precise.

Two options:

Dr. Feikert Adjust software.

In my research it seems the Software has more features and on the surface seems more reliable form the outside forums I have read.

Do we have any VPI user that have feedback on this product in conjunction with the VPI Table/arms. Did the product work and did you feel your table benefited?

Thanks in advance for any information.

I have a Foz and think it works well with my Classic Sig.  There is a recent thread over at AA that may help you decide if it will work for you.
Darkstar 1 I too own the VPI Prime and have had VPI tables for the last 10 years, I use a standard size index card to set both VTA and azimuth. For the VTA I make small cuts on either end and fold them out to make a footer, one in each direction this helps the card stand up while you adjust and for the azimuth I make a cut out to clear the cartridge as you set the card behind the little aluminum bar while it is in the groove, you will need to adjust the part of the index card that sits on the album it it does not sit square with the album. When you make the cutout for the azimuth you will fold them back like barn doors to help it sit square then just sit back and trust your eyes. Toobkue

The Foz  and its accompanying disc are  important tools to get the VPI arm as close to perfection as you can.  Sure you can get it "close" with the mirror if you use a silvered mirror with no top glass that can be retrieved from an old broken SLR camera, but the Foz goes even further for better sound.  I have found that that the soundstage really opens up with only the most miniscule of adjustments as you get closer and closer.  Be aware however, that the Foz should only be use with a brand new, never used 9v battery.

I am already convinced of the advantages of more accurate azimuth settings.

I am considering the Fogzmeter but researching it a few possible flaws have brought up with its uses (here on audiogon). In light of these I was looking into the Ajust software.

I like the extra features especially the cartigride/tonearm resonance info. Was just hoping to get more information on people who have been able to successfully use the Adjust software on a VPI table.


Just in case anyone comes across this thread in the future please see the link above.

It directly relates to Dr. Feikert Adjust Software and VPI Tables.

I find adjusting Azimuth by ear, with a VPI indexed azimuth ring, or Sound Smith "Counter Intuitive"  works best for me.