VPI table owners, help please.

I'm using the SuperScoutmaster with VPI signature arm and Dynavector XX2 or 17D3 cartridge. I'm using an Ayre P-5xe phono stage. Was wondering what cables you guys & gals have been using (or not using because?) between your arm and phonostage? I run RCA from arm to phono. Looking in the $500.00 range new for 1m pr. Any opinions would really help.
Rest of the system is VPI SDS, Ayre K-1XE preamp, Parasound JC-1 monoblocks, and Thiel CS7.2 speakers.
Cardas Neutral Reference Phono.
It was recommended by the Cable Company.
I have the older arm with the Discovery tonearm wire, so I use the VPI Tonearm cable.

Seeing as the Signature has Nordost cable, you might want to try something by them.
I had a problem with hum when I first set up my Scoutmaster. I was using Transparent interconnects. I replaced them with AudioQuest Jaguar ($300/1m pr.) and got rid of the hum.
I've had no complaints with the sound, either, but have not done any comparisons, other than to the Transparent cables.
Analysis plus. I don't have them now, but I plan to get them soon. They come in 180 and 90 degree.
I dont need an actual phono cable. Any Cables with RCA terminations will work. The box on my table is setup with RCA outputs.
Tfkaudio: I am using the Jaguars now. I liked using the Bogdan gold/silver spirit better but they are not shielded and were noisey in this position. (no where else in my system though) The Jaguars are quiet but in my system are a little to crisp for my taste. This is a drag since with my old system the Jaguars from the table and Bogdans everywhere else were perfect.
A purpose built phono cable has a separate ground wire for the shields at the load end to be connected to your phono pre ground terminal.This helps keep noise down by not dumping shield currents into the very low level phono signal from the cart.Also because it's NOT a line level cable and handles such a small current,many manufacturers use considerably thinner guage conductors for thier phono cables.So don't make the mistake of thinking any old 'line level' interconnect makes for a good performing phono ic.The VPI cable is relatively inexpensive and very good by the way.
I have a Graham arm mounted on a VPI table, and I use Graham's IC-50 one meter silver cable. It's a mini-DIN at the arm to RCA's at the phono preamp end. I had a little bit of RF noise once, which I dealt with using AudioQuest "RF Stoppers." This problem went away after I rearranged my system furniture after a subsequent upgrade.
I'm currently using a pair of Ridge Street Audio Designs Poiema!!! Very nice, detailed but not harsh. These replaced a pair of Nordost Valhalla's, which were very detailed, but a bit on the thin side.

I have a 1 meter pair of Jade Audio Gold on order, and if these are as good as some have said, the RSAD may be up for sale. :)
"I dont need an actual phono cable." yes you do. It comes in rca also. The phono cables is designed to handle the special requirements of the tiny phono signal. I understand you do not need an din connector.
I recommend Nordost Quatro Fil,almost as good as Valhalla for 1/2 the price,about 600.00 in Audiogon.
I dont see the VPI cable on there website. What is the price for there cable?
It appears that the VPI cable costs $200. Elusive Disc sells it:


It comes in other lengths. too.
Jameswei: Thanks for the help. For the time being this will probably be the way I will go. Has anyone got to compare this cable with any of the other popular phono cables out there?
I had the VPI cable, found it very ordinary, and sold it a year or so ago. Am currently using Oyaide PA-02 cables I terminate with Bullet Plugs, after going through umpteen others. Good luck, Dave
I've listened several cables and am presently using the Esoteric A4 interconnects between the Scout and phono preamp and also between the phono preamp and preamp.
I use zu cable xaus with my scout. I think it retails for $379.00. You can probably find it for less.
I talked to Nordost, and Cardas and the tech at Music direct. Cardas says the cables are pretty much the same wether phono or regular. Just set up to use with DIN connector and I should just use the normal rca/rca cables. Sounds like basicly the same with the Nordost cables. It seems like if noise is not an issue the great advantage of not having to use a DIN plug is being able to use any cables you like. I have tried four different cables and the only one that I got any hum from were the Bogdans(unshielded). To bad since they are my favorite. I would think that the burn in issues with such a small output from the cartridge would be a real concern but easily overcome. I have some other cables by Audioquest (DBS) to try so that wont be a problem with them. The Nordost cables I am going to try come pre-burned from music direct with 30 day trial so thats a plus. I will also try the Zu Xaus phono cable since they have a money back trial also. Thanks for the help everyone. I will post my findings as I go through cables.
I have the Scout using a Fidelity ResearchFR1mk3f into a Sutherland PHD,and I presently use Shunyata Aries.I tried a half metre length of Kimber PBJ because it has thin wires similar to the arm wire.Not a very good sound.The Shunyata went back in. Also have used Cardas 300B, Axion, and old Audio Technica cable(no joke, very smooth,litz type)all had their own strengths and weaknesses.Never had any ground hum issues with any of the cables.
With the Aries 2/JMW10.5 I use Harmonic Technologies Crystal Silver phono cable. Great cables.
"Cardas says the cables are pretty much the same whether phono or regular. Just set up to use with DIN connector and I should just use the normal rca/rca cables. "
I guess one could say that all cables are pretty much the same." In fact is not that the current debate. Some say zip cord is "pretty much the same" as all.
Don't take my word for it . Give it a try. Include on your list a well made silver phono cable. You'll be glad you did.
Any one else have a problem with active ICs? I have a pair of Looking Glass active that cause a low level hum in my speakers when the active sheilding is plugged in. Happens only when I use the cable between Scoutmaster and phono pre, or phono pre to preamp. Other active cables in my system are not a problem.
Gregadd, I have several "normal" and phono cables setup for audition. Dont assume me to be in the camp of people that think cables are all the same. If I was I would not be on this hunt. First three are going to be the VPI and Zu Xaus phono cables and Nordost Heimdall (regular rca-rca cable). I also have here an extra pr. of Audioquest Panthers and some nice homemade solid silvers that a friend brought by. Hopefully one of these will be all I need.
I had a hum in my system occur when I placed the tube integrated amp in the same rack that the VPI was in.No hum when the amp was on the floor between the speakers.Problem was solved by running a thin wire from the ground tap on the table to a screw on a wall ac receptacle.
I have decided after several cables from tonearm to phono that the Zu Xaus is the one for me. Better than running any of my Audioquest or Bogdans or the VPI tonearm cable. It combined with the balanced Panthers everywhere else is right where I like it. It is the one cable that really didnt bring anykind of attention to itself. Best part is I got it off ebay auction for 160.00 shipped. It was less than any other cable I have tried. Thank you everybody for your help.
Tried 3+ cables between my SSM-Signature w/ Shelter 901 and Sonic Frontiers Phono 1SE. My favorite cable for other source is Audience AU24, but sounded coarse and rough between TT and phono stage. Pure Note Cerulean (generation before current Paragon) sounded thin and bright, but sounded exceptional in my other chain and beat out Nordost QuattroFill. End up with Harmonic Tech Cyrstal Copper, but not using the ground lead as it introduces hum.
using hovland music groove two between my vpi 10.5i and tom evens groove plus, makes a very fine marriage, a few buck more than your budget but will be very much worth it,
Your Ayre is a balanced design and will always sound better balanced - so wire your turntable balanced, and get a pair of Anti-Cable balanced interconnects for 200 dollars. Cardas is THE WORST in spite of the Ayre recommendations with Cardas. Audioquest is wonderful (as good as Anti-Cables), and because they have that battery gizmo on them, will sound great all the time without first running them in after not using it for awhile. I love the Audioquest Sky interconnects..but they are very pricey. Anti-Cables are very, very close.
I also have the SSM Signature but am using a Benz Ruby 3 into a Shindo Labs Monbrison pre... I am currently using Shindo's relatively affordable interconnect designed for any component not just phono. BUT if you are looking for a phono specific cable, I highly recommend the Transparent Reference phono cable. There is no network on this cable, and I found it to be highly neutral without being dry sounding. It put out what was put in!
I used Zu Xaus and I didn't like it in my system one bit. It just wasn't very refined. Cymbals sounded muddy, detail was lost. The top end isn't there. I also used Nordost Red Dawn and they were pretty good. All the micro-detail got through but the texture and warmth wasn't quite there. I use Gabriel Gold Revelations now. They run a little less than a grand currently, but the Gabriel Gold Extreme's can be had for $450-500. I cannot recommend these cables enough. They portray all facets of sound. The detail, warmth, body and imaging. I cannot recommend them enough.
I'm using an ELCO Audio SR-22R ribbon silver interlink from my JMW-9 memorial arm with Benz-Micro ACE lo to my Acoustech PH-1 phono stage.
After having about 12 interlinks between them this was the one what sounded the most neutral.
I've tryed: Cardas, vd.Hul, Harmonic Tech., LAT Int., Kimber, Nordost, Shunyata, Audioquest, Audionote and Siltech. Al in the price range between $250,- and $750,- but the $320,- Elco was the most neutral sounding one for this treat.

Gr. Miracle, The Netherlands
Just an update. Have been using the Audioquest Cheetahs for a while now and feel no need to change. (well, maybe the Skys)
I also Audioquest cables throughout my system, but I use the Chimera IC for my phono. Not real cheap and a long wait to get them, I have an extra pair; but they are 1.5 meters.
Yes, I know that Cardas is recommended, but I have an all Ayre system, and nothing was quite as bad as Cardas. As a matter of fact, Ayre branded cable is Cardas. I don't know why Ayre recommends it except perhaps for the bottom line. I use the cheapy Anti-Cables. As I mention in other posts, I have had just about every top notch cable in my system, and nothing was as good. Audioquest Silver was my second choice, but clearly a second choice. Cardas was absolutely the worst...the power cords are particularly bad. I use a balanced configuration on my VPI tonearm and use the AntiCables from the XLR out of the VPI to the Ayre K1xe in.