VPI Super Scoutmaster/SME

Has anyone tried an SME tonearm on a Super Scoutmaster? If so, what did you need, what were the challenges, and how did it sound?

Sorry - not a SME. All I did was mounting a FR-66s 12" tonearm on a Super Scoutmaster w/2 (two) HRX motor drives, double isolated platter (sandwich construction 4" high) isolated by liquid and spindle from bearing) and mounting dome w/MS clone armboard.
It works.
Much better than expected.

The 1" mounting hole for the standard VPI tonearm is an invitation to have a dome made which can accommodate the many different Micro Seiki armboards (and their clones) around. Thus you can use virtually ANY tonearm on the SSM.
Done here only to test a few technical ideas and set-ups as part of designing routine for a new turntable.
How about a Graham? Anyone tried that?