VPI Super Scoutmaster Cartridge ?

I was looking for suggestions on what cartridge would work well with a Super Scoutmaster, non rim drive table. I will be mating this to a Modwright SWP 9.0se tubed phono stage.

Any suggestions would be welcomed. I am getting back into vinyl after a 25 year absense and just need to get a cartridge to have things up and running.
VPI recommends Dynavector; I have used Denon 304s and AT 33EVs on VPIs with good results.
I've had absolutely wonderful sound for years with a Sumiko Blackbird, and it's an order of magnitude better now that I've upgraded to the Classic platter and Classic tonearm from the original acrylic platter and JMW-9 tonearm.

Stayed with the separate motor and belts rather than go rim drive.
Dynavector is a great choice. VPI has worked with Soundsmith on a model geared towards their tonearms. I've had great success with a Van Den Hul Colibri on my TNT6-HR, but wouldn't recommend to someone just getting back in after a 25yr. hiatus.
Whatever you consider, please understand which loading options your phono stage has available and get a cart that runs at one of those values. The best in the world won't sound good if you can't load it correctly! Cheers,
Lyras work very well!
Dynavector DV-20X2 or Lyra Delos work extremely well with the VPI Scoutmaster/VPI tonearm.
If you're looking for state of the art with VPI tuntables....Harry himself uses the Benz LPS in his home system.
>>12-21-11: Stringreen
If you're looking for state of the art with VPI tuntables....<<

State of the art has nothing to do with the OP's Scoutmaster.
This post was to remind the original poster that Benz cartridges are an alternate to Dyna. He might like the Benz take better if he found a store that could demo both.
I'm presently using a Denon DL-304 with the JMW9 arm on my Scout with very good results.
Regards, Sam
Hi and Happy New Year! I own the VPI Classic. Not sure about your budget. But based on my experience, I can endorse Dynavector and the Sound Smith VPI Zephyr. I have read many success stories with the Benz LPS, but it's a $5K carty.

My only caution is that even though VPI will "officially" tell you that the JMW unstabilized uni-pivot can match well with pretty much any carty on the market, that was not my experience. Pull my threads to check my history. My advice is stick with you know works - check the other member's threads. But, I own the DV 20X H and the Zephyr and they do work!
Dynavector DV-XX2. The JMW tone arms mate well with dynavectors and the xx2 is 95 percent as good as dynavectors' best MC cartridge at more than half the price.