VPI Super Scout Master questions/concerns

I purchased a used SSM table and have some concerns. Is the set screw in the counterweight a problem with others. I have to put some serious torque on the screw to get it to lock in place. In doing so it's difficult to keep the weight in position. This causes the setting to change, time and time again. This JMW9 is the Signature version. The counterweight came from the Original version arm. Are the counterweights the same? Have I got a defective counterweight? I would also like to know how to service the tables platter bearing & the flywheel bearing. How do you put oil/lube in the components? Thank you in adavance for your input.
Good morning, Zenieth. The Signature arm has two VTF setting methods. You get it, along with any azimuth adjustment necessary, as close as possible by moving the counter weight as you described, but on the back of the arm, you will find an Allen screw that is a fine adjustment for VTF. I agree, setting VTF is a pain in the butt on VPI's arms, but this is one refinement that is very welcome on the Signature version of the JMW arm.

As for the bearing, my Scout just uses white lithium grease on the bearing, I don't know about the SSM.

Hope this helps.


Hi Zenieth,

The counter weight on the JMW 9 tonearm is a problem. Yes you do have to put a lot of muscle on the screw in the counterweight to lock it down. This is a design flaw. With my first JMW tonearm I could not lock the setscrew down and the position of the counterweight always moved. You should contact VPI and get a replacement.

Use lithium grease on the ball bearing and apply mobile synethic 5w20 to the bearing shaft.
I have a Supercoutmaster, and don't know what you guys are talking about. I had a 9 Sig that I changed to a 10.5i, and never had any problem with either of the counterweights. I suspect if you have to put any kind of muscle into it, something is wrong. As far as lubrication, VPI has a new grease for the platter bearing..its much better than the older stuff. It looks a lot like petroleum jelly, comes in a hypodermic needle - like package and really works. The motors are lubricated by (again) a VPI oil (thin) that is put by the rotating pins near the brass plate. Use the proper lubrication for a turntable that will give you great pleasure for ever. Call or write to VPI - they have always been most helpful to me.
Thank you for your input. I'm getting a new counterweight to replace the defective one. I will use the synthetic oil and the newest grease available. Thank you once again.
Hi Zenieth, Please let us know if the new counterweight solve the problem. I have the same issue. I have two VPI 10.5i arms; one of them could never lock the VTF as I set it. The VTF changes by itself in a matter of days( from 1.95 g to 2.25g) . Finally I swithed the other counter weight on this arm but VTF still changes. I contact VPI but have not heard from them yet. Good luck with yours.