VPI Super Platter Questions

OK there fellow Agon forumites, I kindly request some hard core info from you, about the VPI Super Platter.

I would like to know the exact thickness of Platter, but more importantly, I would like knowing the exact measurement of the height of the Platter from the tope surface of their Plinth Base? Can anyone give me an accurate measurement of thier height from Base to top surface of the Super Platter? This of course is for the Platter that is for all Tables, but not the one for the HR-X. Thank you, Mark
I use VPI Scout with Super Platter and TNT Mini Feet.
Oke, I will try to help you with the information.
The thickness of Platter is 4.5 cm and from base to the top of platter is 5 cm. Thanks
On another website www.DIYaudio.com ,there is plenty of information on platters,come and visit us over there and search the topic.
Does the Super Platter make a big improvement to the sound of the Aries 3 over the standard acylic one?
I have not got an Aries 3 but use the super platter and it makes a big difference takes the table up a few notches most people seem to think its a good upgrade