VPI super mini feet under VPI Scout ??

I decided to purchase the Super Mini Feet to try under the Scout. I had to put a platform under the power supply to raise it up (mini feet are not that mini)and the power cord makes the motor sit at a funny angle now. My custom dust cover clears the feet no problem.

This may have been money poorly spent as I don't notice any discernible difference over the stock cones. Perhaps the Scout does not have enough mass to properly load the mini feet?

The TT is level and sitting on a rigid platform. Set-up is Scout/JMW 9/Linn Adikt cart, Simaudio LP 5.3. TT was set-up by a knowledgeable vinyl head so I don't think that's an issue.

Has anyone out there tried this? I'm thinking I should have just upgraded my cartridge to a Shelter 501 instead. Thoughts?

I've tried this and this upgrade and it provides a minimal amount of isolation and sonic improvement for the scout table.
I agree with Etbaby, I had the same as you and I noticed nothing other then my wallet was lighter. What is your table on now?
Yep, I think you would have been better off with the Shelter 501.
I am a VPI dealer and suspected that it might not make a big difference. I am trying something else, I just ordered some Audio Points from Star Sound to replace the standard cones. I talked to Harry about it and he thought it would probably be worthwhile. I will post the results when I get the feet , I have the Scout and Scoutmaster in stock and a loaded Aries Extended coming next week so it will take a while and will, of course, be only my opinion.
Hmmmmm.... I have some Star Sound points. Do you need cups for those? Or, can you just use them bare, pointing into the rack surface?

The ones that screw into the table replacing the VPI feet are the 1.5 1/4-20 thread ones. I suppose that you could use the unthreaded ones if they are the right height. You can use them either way but I have found that their cups improve the sound. In fact, their cups do a good job under standard VPI feet. At about $35 for 4 + shipping I think they are a worthwhile improvement , I use them under mine. I liked their products so well that I became a dealer for them, use their rack also. Their prices aren't cheap but they are not outrageous and they work just as they say they do. I don't mean to imply that there aren't other good products out there, these are the ones I am familiar with.
Waste of money. Might try the Racing Pucks, as I did, and they provided a noticeable difference. I also use the puck under the motor, so all is level.
How do you know it is a waste of money, have you tried it or do you possess psychic powers? The prevalence of posts by members who have never heard what they are commenting on suggests that many do.
What type of improvements were you looking for? The stock VPI scout feet are not bad or broken to begin with...

I wouldn't suggest a Shelter cartridge for a VPI. Benz, Dynavector and Ortofon are all better matches for the JMW arm for compliance reasons.
Goatwuss (nice tag name) The soundstage is not what it is with the same music through my digital front end. As I am new to vinyl I thought I'd try.

Any specific carts from the above manufacturers you would recommend? I'm thinking around $1000 list when new. I know VPI has their own signature version of a Dynavector. I want to get a noticeable improvement in detail, soudstage and cymbal realism. My phono stage has adjustable settings so mc or mm would work.

I think I can understand why they would be of little use. They are providing a bit of suspension for a table that's not designed for suspension. These VPI's are mass loaded designs, designed to drain vibrations away from table, why would you want to reintroduce vibration through any sort of suspension.

Everytime I've tried any sort of suspension deivice with my Scoutmaster it has smeared the sound, focus is lost, inprecise imaging, bloated bass, softened dynamics. I just don't understand those that find favor with any suspension devices.

Now, I do understand somewhat the idea of the mini feet, they are similar to the other ball bearing devices, allow movement while retaining direct coupling. Still, it seems they are not as effective as the Aurios and Stillpoints devices. These may be a real alternative to the stock spikes. Still, I have my doubts about these devices as they would seem to allow competing movements from differing vibrations from various parts of the tt.

For now, I leave my Scoutmaster securely spike into my DIY sandbox. Springs underneath the sandbox, as some advocate here, may serve to isolate the sandbox from outside forces, I can see that. But above the sandbox or other stable platform, no way!