VPI Service - I'm impressed

I want to praise Mike at VPI. Misplaced the rubber washer for the spindle on my Classic. Sent an email late yesterday (Sunday) asking VPI that if I called with my MasterCard #, if they could send me a replacement. I know it's an insignificant item that probably costs 25 cents, so I wasn't holding my breath for a response. Most manufacturers and dealers would treat my request as a nuisance and either wouldn't respond at all or they'd at least take their sweet time doing it. Not so with VPI. Mike sent an email at 8am asking for my address so he could drop a washer in the mail. I love my Classic and I love VPI's service!
Agreed about VPI service. Bought a used HW-16 on eBay, and turned out the turntable motor was fried. VPI and Music Direct here in Chicago (the local authorized repair place) were both super helpful in getting me a new motor ASAP, and troubleshooting the problem I had to determine if a new motor was in fact needed. Super folks all around. VPI customers are lucky to have them.

p.s. Saw the VPI Traveller last weekend. Sweet looking table.
VPI is a class act indeed, have always been impressed with their service

I've had similar experience. Needed an updated version of the tonearm rest for my Scoutmaster so my tone arm would be able to lift up out of the rest instead of moving it towards the platter first so I could use the outer ring clamp device. I asked if I could purchase one, they just sent me one via postal mail free of charge.
Called in yesterday to get a mounting jig for a JMW 12. Had a very pleasant conversation with Matt. Jig is in the mail. Customer service is all about exceeding customer expectations. VPI understands and executes. This is getting rare with high-end audio manufacturers.
VPI is at the top of the heap for me. They are always there with very strong support. They are really interested in their customers.
Mike has helped me so many times I lost count, but then I have owned many VPI so it wasn't VPI's fault I needed their help from time to time. And it was because of their superb customer service I kept going back to them.
Outstanding and expeditious a true pleasure to do business with.
This thread makes an interesting contrast to the (currently) adjacent thread by a Classic owner who wouldn't pay VPI $26 for the bearing lube.

To save (some portion of) that massive sum he went to the hardware and bought some (randomly selected?) grease. Result? It leaked out in just a few days. He has to clean the bearing and start over, yet he's still seeking a lube that's cheaper than VPI's.

Some companies provide terrible service. But when a company serves owners well (as VPI always has, AFAIK) they deserve credit and the business.

I've never owned a VPI but if I did I'd call Mike before anyone. He's earned a stellar reputation.

I recently purchase a Scoutmaster that wound up having a bad platter bearing/spindle. Contacted VPI for a replacement bearing/bushing and was told that it was not user serviceable, so I would need to send it in. Some time went by, then some more time.There was some email between us during that time, but sparce. I found out that the shop was retooling, and am fully aware of the tragedy the folks there are going through. It has been two months, and let me tell you, I would wait two more if need be. The level of service and commitment there even through personal struggle goes beyond the scope of good business, it is good nature, and a high moral standard with these folks. My platter issue has been fixed, and I picked up a peripheral ring for a good price, because I thought it would look good on the black acrylic platter i was being sent as a replacement. I bought the ring, because the platter was free. Top notch people, provide top notch service. If something does take some time, remember they are human, and damn fine ones as well.
yeah it's a wonderful service.
I have never seen any other manufacturer being so close and devote to help like VPI!