VPI SDS Whys and Hows?

Hi Folks, I have a HW-19Jr with Mk-IV Platter (Non SAMA), and VPI SDS.

I had noted upon acquiring this brand new SDS, that there was slight difficulty plugging the Stock wimpy Power Cord from the HW-19 to the SDS, as the Receptacle is recessed, and a tight squeeze getting the connector in. (Why the heck did Harry do this!?)

Over the months, I have thought of going the SAMA route, and of course, preferably the newer SAMA with IEC Connector, so that a better aftermarket Power Cord could be utilized. (perhaps a bargain priced Cord from Signal Cable?)

In this scenario, how would one then plug these Cords with their quite large Male Connectors into the SDS with this so tiny cutout in the Unit?

Advice would be deeply appeciated thanks, Mark
Not sure but you would get better sound with SAMA.Try giving Sheila a call at VPI and if she does not know Harry or tech (know Mike is great resource) and ask.You could go stock or just call Blue Jeans or cheap supplier.Don't think PC makes any dif into so using Hubbel or Radio Shack it's not a big deal.SDS was good choice and SAMA would be to.What arm are you using?The ET vacuum model is really popular combo as is the SEM or VPI's own.Deserves decent cartridge as well.Did you notice difference with SDS?
Hello Chazzbo, I am using the Audioquest PT-7 Arm, with Expressimo Weight, older AQ Emerald Cable, and Benz Micro HO Glider. run into both the SDS, and Pre-Amp is the Sutherland PhD.Getting the SDS, and PhD pretty close to the same time, I have noticed one of the many improvements in that the noise floor had dropped quite a bit, but honestly cannot attest accurately how much influence the SDS had played?One thing the SDS did certainly do, is for the first time in the 10 year ownership of my HW-19 Table, I was finally able to achieve dead on accurate Platter Speed, and this seemed to solidify the music, and seemed to help with what I thought was very slight Wow-Flutter.I have read a few reports, and also a couple of personal recommendations that the SAMA, (and the Noise Floor of course) did benefit from the use of an Aftermarket Power Cord, one using a Signal Cable Cord, the other a Cardas, but to be honest, I cannot immediately, and accurately recall if any of these folks were implementing the VPI SDS as well?Seeing that it looks like an Aftermarket Cord with its larger male Connector would be difficult, if not impossible to attach to the back of a Stock SDS, I get the feeling that no, they were most likely not using an SDS with these Aftermarket power Cords. Mark
I have a new Superscoutmaster and the cord fits absolutely perfectly into that cutout provided on the SDS. Why would you want a new powercord? The SDS fixes electrical problems and feeds it to the motor(s) You might make the sound different, but I doubt you will make it better. Richard Vandersteen told me that very thing when I asked about better power cords to my 5A's
Hi markd51,

TT motors are fly weight power consumers. The VPI HRX motor system consumes 14 watts of power, and that's for a 2 motor drive unit. An SDS drive will drive 2 of these 30 lb units, 100% overkill. Do we need a 15 amp connector to power a flea power motor? Do we need to spend $$$$$$ for an after market power cord?

My solution seemed simple, at least to me. I replaced the power cord from the SDS, with a 22 gage, SHIELDED cable to the motor. I will deliver the power to the SDS from an APC smart battery back-up supply. This only augments the advantages of the SDS. Will anyone be willing to modify the electronics of the SDS, maybe, but probably not, but it's not a big deal.

I have yet to hear if the ideas I've presented will actually make me happy when I turn the system off, and go to bed. -------------------- Next month I'll be able to see how everything works out.


Mark sound like you have really nice balanced system,.Have a buddy who also has the PY7.It would be the one thing I'd swap out 9Rega 300/600?Origin Live 250?Eminent Tech?VPI 10 or 10.5 Memorial).You have excellent phono stage and cart and I have always been deferential to phono and cart and stage as opposed to more "balanced" parts of change but I think you have those bases covered.I would again call VPI and tell them about your problem (they may give you low cost option and general advice on deck).Another good resource I have found is talking to Bes Nivera at Music Direct who has heard most everything out there (and it's various combos).I would think that he could put in valuable 2 cents on PC,arm or other deck issues since he sells everything you have.
Good luck
Thanks all for the responses. Seems to be the consensus, that I'd be wise to consider the SAMA, but not to knock myself out worrying about the Power Cord.

I's assume the new SAMA compatible for the HW-19 does come with its own Power Cord. You're right, a call to Bes is the way to fly.

As for Bes at MusicDirect, I lived in Chicago all my life up until four years ago, am now in the Desert Southwest (NM), and know Bes quite well, probably a good 8-9 years.

He knows me well enough too, that when I've phoned orders in at MD these last couple of years, I don't have to even announce who I am! lol

You're right about Bes, when Jim the Owner stumbled upon Bes, he found himself a one in a million person who is selfless, highly knowledgeable, and possesses that very unique, special personality it takes to be in this type of business. Half the fun of going to MD, was chatting with Bes, we always had a good time!

I know MD has grown considerably since its conception in 1996-1997. Bes works hard, and is worth every penny. Mark
markd51 theres no doubt the sds will not take the big buck power cords, and its not necessary. i am using a spare cord that was supplied with my amps, it has the ferrite ring at the female end.
in my case the sds droped the noise floor off the charts, and like you said super stabilized the platter speed. all in all a very good tweak for my analog rig.
I have a HW-19 MK III and the SDS and the SAMA.

The SAMA was the biggest improvement and the SDS was a meaningful improvement as well, but not as much as the SAMA.

Together they are great.

I also have a Rega RB300 Tonearm on mine, and it has been rewired with high quality wire and has the usual drop counterweight and endstub addtions as well and it sounds great. I tried a stock Origin Live Silver and while it was really nice, it was only marginally better than the RB300 with these modifications. I decided to sell the Silver and stick with my RB300. If you could get a VPI JWM-9 or a any of the upper level Rega Tonearms (RB600/RB700/RB900/RB1000) you'd probably be very happy with the sound
I've had 2 SDS units where the socket in the back comes off the socket when you unplug the cord. It's a little annoying but the unit actually works. I guess VPI SDS built quality is medicore at best.