VPI SDS question

Just got a VPI SDS for my new Aries 3. Does it matter or do any harm to keep the SDS on and stop and start the turntable from the motor switch? It would be more convenient.
I do that with my SDS.
it works fine for me too
Thats how I have used my SDS for a little over three years. I really dont think the SDS has been off at all except for vacations over that time period.
I shut off, and turn mine one for every play. One reason why? The SDS has a built in hour meter. It is sort of nice to be able to keep track of hours of play on my Cartridge.

I see no inconvenience taking less than a second to flip the switch. Are there any advantages to staying on, and being fully warmed up? This I'm not sure of? Mark
My approach, too. Recommended by Mike at VPI, as well as my VPI dealer.
I think it says use the TT motor switch in the instructions.