VPI SDS question

1.the voltage display on my SDS sometime is at 72 and some time is at 84 is that normal?
2.almost every time I got the speed dead on , the next day when I check the speed is off. Is there anything I can do so I can get stable speed and don't have to check every time I listen.
BTW I have the 3 months old Classic, so the belt and motor should not be the issue and I use the KAB strobe disk.
I read somewhere here that it has to do with the classic motor,,, do a search or contact VPI.

Good luck.
No, mine does that and I use it with the Aries with Single Motor Flywheel as well as Scoutmaster and Scout with standard motors. I have no idea why it does this but others have noticed it and it was discussed on a recent thread.
The motor needs to be sent back to Harry for modification. Why VPI did not tell dealers that there was an issue with using the SDS with the Classic motor speaks to poor business model.
See this thread: VPI Single Motor Flywheel / SDS / Aries 3
So apparently the problem, if one exists, is not related/confined to the Classic.
As I understand it, if there are issues with the SDS, and the Classic, Harry W. explained that it is a Run Capacitor issue, not the motor, or SDS.

A simple Run Cap Swap solves the issue, and if you contact VPI, I'm sure they will send you free, the correct Run Cap that should be used with the SDS. Mark
I use the SDS with my Aries 1 and I am always adjusting the SDS speed. I had started a thread about this back in November and the responses were;

Power mains
warm up
moving the table around

Don't know if this helps but my 2 cents. Good luck
I dont' have any problems with my SDS and Aries 3. Once set, it is dead on and I check it frequently.

The SDS starts the motor at 115 and then shifts down to 84. When the motor is off, it shifts down to 72. That is as it should.
I appreciate all of the responses. I just bought an SDS new arriving UPS Monday. It will be supplying power to a Scout with the new 300rpm motor. Is there anything else related to these concerns that I, as a new owner, should be aware of?


:) listening,