VPI SDS placement

Has anyone found any problems with putting a VPI SDS on a shelf near a turntable or tube phono stage? Any noise? Hum?

It shouldn't be a problem at all. Cheers,
One time trying a phono stage I thought the SDS was the culprit but eventually ruled it out, so count me as having no issues. I do have it placed away from my pre-amp, phono stage and turn table. I believe the manual recommends this.

I also read in the manual that the unit should be 12 inches away from components. Right now I have it on a shelf under my table and above my phono. I am thinking of placing it on the floor beside my couch a few feet away from my stands.

Mine is on a shelf in my rack underneath my phono preamp. I do not have any issues ith hum in this configuration.
Thanks everyone.

Has anyone noticed a performance increase by installing a better power cord between the wall and the SDS and the SDS and the motor? If so, what cord did you use?
Regarding the cord....I asked that very question many months ago. Evidently there are some Audiogoners that believe a better cord will make a difference. Search through the threads and you may find that thread. I've not experimented with cords, I still use the stock one.
Yes, I was surprised that a power cord could make a big difference, but when auditioning cords, I tried one on the SDS and it did change the sound, dependent on the cord. I use Tara Air cords, and went with the same cord everywhere.