VPI SDS output voltage

Hi Folks, I am still trying to get my HW19MKiV to work again. I got a new capacitor from VPI but motor still hums but does not turn. I am guessing my SDS is to blame so I measured the out put voltage to the turntable. At 72VAC steady state I get only 39VAC? If I reprogram to 115 max out put is 69VAC. Seems my SDS is acting up. Can anybody with a voltmeter please measure what voltage you get from the SDS? seems my SDS power amps are not working right.
Thanks, Riqe
Why not contact VPI with that question!
I'll plan to measure this for you tomorrow after work.

Meanwhile try very briefly plugging the motor directly into 120VAC raw line; if it runs that way, or doesn't, then you know your answer.

Are you measuring the SDS output voltage into an open circuit, or connected to the motor? Try measuring it with no load; the motor, if defective, could be loading down the SDS output.
I measured the voltage with the table pluged and on. I get 10VAC? seems my SDS is in need of service.