VPI SDS Newbie

I read all the posts on the SDS. I guess I am still having a little trouble justifying 1k for this unit. I have a Scout currently. Am I going to notice a big change or is this more of a subtle improvement? Will this work with a 600rpm motor or do I need the 300?
Autodexr get in touch if you are interested in getting a SDS unit.
I'm experiencing a similar hesitation. $1000 is a lot for what it is... even $750 used feels expensive. Especially since it's more than half the price of a Scout/JMW-9. The main attraction to it for me is the ability to go from 33 to 45 at the touch of a button.
From hearing a friend's system as he went through the Scout to Scoutmaster upgrades, you may get more improvement by first upgrading to the 300 rpm motor, then adding the SDS. The folks at VPI can give you some good guidance on this if you call them.

After upgrading to the 300 rpm motor, the further improvement from adding a motor controller will be very noticeable. It's not a component level upgrade improvement, but it's significant enough that you're not likely to be willing to give it up once you've heard the difference.
Autodexr, SDS will work with both motors but the 300 rpm motor upgrade is a must. IMHO, the 600 rpm motor should be considered a defect and should have never been released in the first place.
One person's "big change" is another person's "subtle improvement." Depends to a great degree on how resolving your system is and how experienced you are as a listener. Hope that doesn't come off as elitist or patronizing.
i think with the added SDS, it is a significant improvement. you will notice better bass and separation of instruments. a far better step up than getting the 600 rpm motor which i have also. you can get a used sds around here for about 750 or so.
I bought an SDS over a year ago used on A'gon for about $750. I feel it's been a very good purchase.

I don't have a Scout, but a HW19 MK III with a SAMA (stand alone motor assembly). So, essentially my set up is similar to the Scout.

The motor on the HW19 appears to run very smoothly and this is even more true with the SAMA. When you turn on your TT with it plugged into the SDS your TT receives 115v for start up and then within a few seconds it drops to 72v. If you have your hand on the motor you can feel the outside of the motor housing suddenly go from what seems like perfectly quiet to what is much quieter still and vibrationless.

Plus, with a good strobe (KAB Strobe) you can use the SDS to fine tune your TT to perfectly 33.333 RPM. And, with all the new 45 RPM LPs coming out you have instant settings for 45 RPM as well.

I think the SDS was more important previously on the old HW19's with the motor affixed to the TT base because it made the motor quieter. With the Scout motor or any separate motor it probably is less important.

But that said. I feel mine makes a noticeable improvement still and I'm glad I purchased it.

Other changes to your Scout might be more noticeable, I can't say, but I can say I like my SDS.