VPI SDS connectivity question

Does the SDS have several power receptacles and the Scoutmaster power cord connects into one of the recpetacles?

Also, is the power cord on the SDS a removable power cord? What about on the Scoutmaster motor?

Does anyone have a picture of the back of the SDS?
One power receptacle. The SDS power cord is removable.
The table connects to the SDS, and then the SDS to the wall. One input. One removable output to the wall.
OK so the SDS power cord is removable.

What about the Scoutmaster motor power cord? Is it removable also?
Cant remember on my scoutmaster but my SSM is removable. The thing is, the place where you plug the table into the SDS is not a very large opening. I use the stock Superscoutmaster cord. Its kind of square and fits just right. I use an aftermarket cord between the SDS and wall.
The Scoutmaster power cord is removable.