VPI SDS and Shunyata Hydra 4

I have a VPI TNT and use the SDS. I have replaced the stock VPI cord for the SDS with a higher quality power cable much to my satisfaction. Just an FYI (and maybe most already know this) but moving the SDS at least 20" from a MC cartridge (not the 12" VPI recommends) and upgrading the power cord (an item VPI feels is not necessary, per my dealer) was not an insigficant tweak IMS IMHO.

My question is whether I should plug the SDS direclty into the wall or into the Hydra. This is less a question of which I prefer sonically, but rather are there any issues (safety, technical, etc.) with "double" conditioning, as the SDS regnerates the signal for the SAMA and I kinda of consider it a very specific power conditioner.

Maybe I am overthinking this one. Thanks.
The hydra and the SDS are very different schemes. No saftey issue here, the SDS isn't drawing enough current to matter. The Hydra is passive. The SDS isn't that far off from what a power amp does. Now, I WOULD NOT plug the Hydra into the SDS !!

My SME 20/2 is VERY sensitive to power and power cords. I'd try it in the hydra and listen.

Decision here is up to your ears.

Let us know what you like best...
I too have found that changing power cables into and out of the SDS gives a lift to the sound of my VPI HRX.
By some swapping around, I have found the best [IMO] is Nordost Brahma Power Cord into the SDS from the wall socket with no conditioner in between and Nordost Valhalla Power Cord from SDS to motor.
The SDS is positioned 30" minimum below the cartridge, similarly, I found moving the [various] ARC Phono stages that I have owned away from proximity of the T/T has improved matters. I am presently using an XLO Signature 2, 3.2 phono cable after originally connecting the HRX with the VPI phono cable in a metre length, having bought this to get a good position from my previous VPI TNT t/t, and then a Kimber.
I also tried Shunyata Anaconda Alpha's Power cables but could not detect any change.