VPI SDS/ADS PSU with Rega Turntable?

Has anyone tried using a VPI speed controller / power supply such as the new ADS or the older SDS with a Rega TT?

I have a P3 whose motor is getting a bit weak (very slow to start up) and I'm considering finally updating it with the Rega 24V motor. This would make the Rega TT PSU an option now, but considering that Regas are know to run a bit fast,  was thinking about getting something that would allow me to fine-tune the speed. Has anyone tried this? 
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If speed stability and accuracy is your main concern, I think you will have better luck with the older SDS.  Apparently, the ADS does not have the same stability as the SDS and adjustability can be an issue near the center detent position.  There is a technical review on-line here:

Thanks for the link, that's quite helpful! Now I'm looking at the Phoenix PSU & Tach. -possibly better and less expensive. 
I'd look at the Phoenix products as well.   Get in touch with their support guy and get his/her view on your intentions.  If you're thinking of a new turntable, take a look at VPI offerings.
I second Stringreen. I own the Phoenix Eagle PSU with accompanying Roadrunner tach and my speed on my VPI Prime is kept within .001 +/- second accuracy and is less expensive and takes up less space than an SDS. 

Im not sure it will work with your TT but a simple call will clarify that. 
I third the Phoenix Eagle and Roadrunner combo.  Excellent build quality for the price and work great with my VPI TNT table.
I use the Phoenix Falcon/Roadrunner combo with the Rega 24v motor on a custom diy ’table, works great. Far better then the VPI units. Just make sure you have enough clearance between the platter and plinth for the sensor and magnet. I do wish Phoenix would make the combo available in a single 1U rackmount chassis though..
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Thanks all! My only concern is lack of clearance with the Groovetracer platter I'm using. I'll probably just use a router to get the sensor to sit lower in the plinth though.