VPI Scoutmater II W/JMW-9S/Lyra Delos

I'm considering purchasing a VPI Scoutmaster II with the JMW 9 Signature tonearm, coupled with a Lyra Delos cart. I have read reviews saying the Kleos is better, but some say the Delos is as good or even better. Is there a better matching cart in the same price range? I am asking for suggestions or comments. Also, does the JMW 9S have the mass to support a Koetsu Usishi Black?
I am not a fan of Koetsu myself, but the arm will be ok with it. You might check with VPI as to the rear weight you will need. I am using a Benz LPS which is very heavy, but works very well with the VPI arm. (I have a 10.5i, but the 9 incher is very similar). Personally, I love the Benz cart...but of coarse, your taste should give precedence over mine.
The Lyra and the Koetsu are at the two polar opposite ends of the tonal spectrum, IMHO. The Lyra is very revealing and articulate while the Koetsu is very warm and musical. The VPI sound itself is a bit on the warm and musical side, so more folks tend to use Lyra's or Dynavector's instead of Koetsu's. If the rest of your system is bright though, you may prefer the Koetsu.