VPI Scoutmaster with Super Platter

I own a VPI Scoutmaster with the steel periphery ring and steel spindle weight. If I upgrade to the VPI Super Platter will I still hear an improvement? I suspect that because I already own the ring and weight any improvement will be subtle. Thanks
Everyone "hears" differently, however, I suspect you will hear the difference
I have a TNT Jr (No ring, Living Voice carbon mat and Black Diamond Carbon clamp), and the difference was very obvious. It was a new, better, player.
According to reviews I have read it makes a considerable difference. I am a small VPI dealer, currently carrying the Scout and Scoutmaster. I just ordered an Aries to demo the 12.7 arm [as well as to listen to myself] and I got the super platter and ring. I will try the platter on the Scoutmaster as I would like to be able to give answers from my own experience, will post on it but it will be a while.
Come on Stingreen and Cerrot, give us details about the sonic improvements wrought by the Super Platter, I've thought about getting one as well. Is is the most cost effective VPI upgrade, and if not, which VPI upgrades are best bang for buck and/or first to get?
The SDS, IMO, will give the most bang for the buck. And by a long shot.
I found the periphery ring to give more of an improvement than the SDS. Roy Gregory (of HiFi + or some such magazine) also found the same thing. His review can be found online and he talks in detail about this.