VPI ScoutMaster versus Aries

I am looking to upgrade from an old Sota saphire to either a new Scoutmaster or a used Aries. The Aries comes without a tonearm but has an armboard for a Rega RB series tonearm. I am currently using an rega 900 tonearm, which I would use on the aries.

The respective prices are,

ScoutMaster $1850
Aries $1200

I would appreciate any thoughts on this.

P.S. Both items are currently listed on audiogon.
IMO the VPI JMW tonearms are better than the Rega's. If the Aries came with a JMW 10, lets say, and was priced the same as the ScoutMaster I would be tempted to go that way.

But the Scoutmaster will probably be a better deal than the Aries with a Rega arm. You could always sellt he Rega and make up the difference, so in the end it's kind of a wash price wise.