VPI Scoutmaster upgraded to a Super Scoutmaster?

Can the VPI Scoutmaster turntable be upgraded to a Super Scoutmaster? If so, what's involved in the upgrade and how much does it cost? Thanks
You would be better off selling the one and buying the other. It will, probably, end up being cheaper.
I disagree with Narrod. I have the Scoutmaster (it retailed for $2,500) and added on an SDS unit(retails at $1000) and outer steel ring and steel clamp(retails at about $575.00 with trade in of delrin clamp.) Each upgrade improved the sound and the ring lets me hear a few LPs that were so warped that I had given up on them. The only thing left to do (if you want to do it) to attain full Super Scoutmaster status is get the better motor. That would cost about $1,100 plus a $200.00 fee charged by VPI for exchanging the chassis. In total, that would bring the upgrades to Super Scoutmaster to about $5,375 which is only about $200 more than it is selling for now. Selling the Scoutmaster would result in a loss of about $500 or more, and in my view serves no purpose.
by the time you have upgraded down the boyscout trail, you could have purchased several superior tables. the oracle delphi, well tempered, basis, thorens 850, the discontinued vpi hwIV, the list goes on and on......keep what you've got and spend the money on vinyl. the scout is a great deal, the scoutmaster, not so much so.
The original Scoutmaster plinth can be upgraded to full Super Scoutmaster level by adding SDS, Clamp and ring and the new VPI motor/flywheel combination. The sonics is EXACTLY the same per Harry Weisfeld as well as Mike at VPI.

The only difference is that the platter start-up time is just a tad slower (a few seconds slower) with the single motor/flywheel combination than with the HRX double motor-flywheel combination and ofcourse how much bragging rights you have over an extra motor driving your flywheel! PER HARRY.

Per Harry in a phone conversation, once the flywheel gets going it doesnt really care if its being driven by one motor or two motors.

This offers huge cost savings in motor/flywheel cost and the fact that you can use the original Scoutmaster plinth as well.

As a matter of fact, I have followed this upgrade path for my Scoutmaster and SDS combo after consulting with Harry on this specific issue. Ring/Clamps, motor/flywheel and new signature arm are already on their way. Its going to be a fun weekend.
Ije, What was the cost of the motor/flywheel.

LJE is right on I also am upgrading my Scout to a Super Scout Master and at this time have my old scout box up to be traded in for a Scout Master with new fly wheel motor setup and clamp and ring. I already have the SDS unit so I save $$$ there. And I’m also getting the signature arm at what I believe to be a better savings then selling the Scout and buying a Super Scout or Scout Master through audiogon.
It has simply never been my experience that the VPI upgrade path is the way to go. I've been down that road a couple of times. I currently use a fully loaded TNT6HR and shudder to think what it would have cost to upgrade from a Junior. That being said, VPI is a great company with wonderful products. Good luck.
The new motor/flywheel combo is $900 retail. Vpi website has a pic of it under what's new on their site.

VPI's upgrade paths are not always the most economical, but they are not outrageous by any means, and they enable you to spread out your expenditures over time.
I agree with jay_douglas_287@msn.com. I have the VPI Scout, and it is an awesome value, but as you get into a higher price range there are better alternatives I think.