VPI Scoutmaster Upgrade

I presently have the following VPI Scoutmaster configuration:

VPI Scoutmaster
JMW-9 Sig. tonearm
Periphery Ring Clamp
Center Weight
Dynavector DV-20X Low MC
Dynavector P-75 MKII

I very please with this configuration but would like your opinion on an upgrade to my existing configuration to further improve the overall sound.
Ginkgo or some other type of isolation platform.
I might consider the super platter as the next step. Not cheap but it will make a diference in what they refer to as PRAT. After that, go for the rim drive if you want to try something else.(will be available for scout master soon I believe) The 10.5i arm is nice as well but the 9 sig does a great job also. Just my 2 cents. I think you'll enjoy any of these in any order.
Having owned the Dynavector P75 MKII, and currently use a Dyna XX2MKII cart with Sig. Scout, I recommend a phono stage upgrade. I went from the P75 to a modded Simaudio LP 5.3, and I'm sure it would be money well spent. For about the same money, The JLTi, Swiss made, is tremendous as well, Audio Revelation has an in-home demo program. That's my 2cents.
I think I'd go with Sonofjim's advice. The 10.5 upgrade is not as urgent as the heavy platter and rim drive...both major improvements.
Do you actually use the Periphery Ring Clamp? I have heard a VPI HRX with and with the Periphery Ring Clamp. I prefered without. I was at a dealer, he was using watt/puppies and ML amps. They will sell the Periphery Ring Clamp if people ask for it but, and I tend to agree with them it is no good.
Mordante...en contrar.. Sure you can play your records however you like, but the combination of the clamp and the center spindle weight act to flatten the record against the table. ..if nothing else, that now flattened record enables your arm to glide easily across the record without the trip being an obstacle course with undulations which encourages sports "sports car handling" for your cartridge. Yes I know your cartridge tracks well, however, an easy trip makes for better sound. I am also wondering if your dealer had the heavy platter installed. I encourage you to listen to that platter for final judgement.
Mordante, years ago, I listened to the VPI all-acrylic platter for a several-month in my own audio system before trying the ring clamp. I then did some comparative listening with the periphery ring clamp prior to buying one for my TNT-6 several years ago.

In my system, I found that the sound of the acrylic platter without the ring clamp was a bit lean, cold and analytical. The ring clamp appeared to introduce some much needed dampening of energy and, in my system, had the effect of eliminating a sound character that reminded me of digital glare and restoring a richer, weightier tonal balance. The heavier "Super Platter" will take the tonal balance of the VPi turntables even further in this direction, providing noticeably more bass weight and authority - more reminiscent of the sound of the old Mk. V and earlier TNTs that used heavy platters and undermount bearings.

I also recommend the VPI rim drive mechanism. The new drive mechanism is a significant improvement over the VPI belt-drive design. The rim drive will give you much better dynamics, tighter and more tuneful bass, and significantly improved PRaT.
Dump the scoutmaster and start over, x the ring, cart and sds. Get a unit with the 10.5i, super platter and rim drive. VPI upgrades are just not cost effective. Better to sell off the old and start over with a VPI new rig. Shop, shop and more shop. Some dealers with package with a 20% off, free shipping and out of state will yield no sales tax.

As for the acrylic platter, just say no. Going back to the original TNT you will find it does not provide a proper tonal balance.
The Phono preamp and cartridge are the weak spots IMO. I have the same cartridge which is a great bang for the buck. And I've heard that the P75 offers great synergy for the Dyna cartridges. However, IMO the phono preamp is often the most overlooked item in the analog chain. The upgrade to the Wright phono preamp put a bigger smile on my face than any other piece of equipment I have bought. That taught me the value of the phono preamp which I had before taken for granted. I am partial to the Wright and did a lot of research on it before buying it. I recommend it highly