VPI Scoutmaster Tonearms

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Just curious I have a Scoutmaster with a 9 signature arm. Could I just switch out other arms that are complete or would I have to change the location where it is mounted. Was thinking about upgrading arm but do not want to drill.

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So long as you stay with 9" arms you should be fine; but check the piviot to stylus distance on Vinyl Engine to make sure. The VPI is a good arm; you will have to spend a fair amount of money to get a better one.
As an example I use to use Linn Ittok, Zeta, and Rega arms on the same cut out; but as I said, check to see if they are the same or very close on VE.
Agree 100% with Stan. If the S-P distance is off, you may have a tough time adjusting the over hang and alignment of your cartridge. Vinyl Engine is an excellent source which I used many times. BTW, the VE website can help you match your cartridge and tonearm with respect to resonant frequency. I think VE is pretty easy to surf, but if you have any questions, feel free to e mail me or post your Q here.
Thanks for the replies. Was thinking about going with a longer arm. Will check vinyl engine out.

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I went from a VPI 9 inch Valhalla to the 10.5 with Valhalla...There was not an aural difference that I remember ...if there was one, it was very hard to find....not worth the time or money.

I read your response that the 10.5 arm didn't give you that much difference over the 9. I have the 9 signature with vahalla wiring and inquired to VPI about going to the 10.5i to which they said there would be around a 20% benefit in sound.
Would this be the opposite of what you experienced?My arm is on a Superscoutmaster. Thanks in advance.
Hi Moonguy....When I did the change I didn't think it was 20% better...I thought it was less. I think they both can accomodate the best cartridges made..... in my view,a cartridge upgrade if needed is money better spent. I have a Benz LPS which I think is absolutely wonderful. You will need a different rear weight if you intend to mount the LPS..Let VPI know your intentions and they will work out the weight you need.
If you would like to use a longer arm it may be easier to use an arm that will mount on the surface of the plinth. Even so it may require careful study to find an arm that is compatible. If it is still listed in the turntable sales section you should look at the custom made Panzer holz "Aries" plinth. A plinth like that could easily be used with a greater number of tonearms.
You can upgrade to a VPI Classic 2 or VPI Classic 3 arm (I did) but it will involve some minor drilling (note: the VPI Classic 3 tonearm provides on-the-fly VTA adjustment).

As for other "non-VPI' arms, you will have to drill through the plinth for the tonearm wiring unless you get something like a Tri-Planar VII Ultimate tonearm ($5,700 US).

The thing to remember with some of the VPI turntables, like the Scoutmaster, is that the "acrylic-like" material that VPI uses, gets sticky when it heats up. It sticks onto the drill bit, making it easy to mess up.
Upgrading to a 10" arm on a Scoutmaster would require drilling?
No drilling required....the arm mounts on the surface which requires installing 3 (I think) screws....very easily done. VPI will send you a metal guide for precision installation. The only caveat is that the screws go in straight and not at an angle...again...easily done
If you want to use same mounting holes as your VPI 9 inch, you can look for a used 10.5i (pre Classic) arm that has the adjustable dog leg bearing mount. All you will need to do is rotate the dog leg which holds the bearing to achieve the right S2P distance.