VPI Scoutmaster to a VPI Classic 1

I've owned a VPI Scoutmaster for quite some years and now I've decided to move to a VPI Classic I. I like the idea of the 10" tonearm and an all in one chassis. Anyone else make a move like this?

Well Arnold Layne as long as you are not checking out woman's underwear on clothes lines, I will say the VPI Classic seems to get the nod over the Vpi Scoutmaster II with the JMW II-9 if that indeed is the TT you are talking about. I to am looking into a new TT and was considering one the 2 mentioned. I think i am going to go for the Classic for the Tonearm alone plus the fact overall reviews seem to favour it. Both are evry close in price and besides my VPI dealer favours it over the Scout 2 fold. So to answer your question I would make this move and that this indeed is not a "Strange Hobby" : ) and be happy with the Classic. hell you will have 2 good rigs. Nothing wrong with a 2 TT setup!!!