VPI Scoutmaster Super Platter

I'm wondering if i upgrade to the Super platter for my VPI Scoutmaster will I hear much of an improvement? Will the improvement be small because I'm already using the steel periphery ring and steel spindle weight which adds roughly 13 lbs to the present acryllic platter? Thanks.
VPI has discontinued the 'super platter' and replaced it with an all alumnium platter which includes the inverted bearing. Don't have full details. VPI needs to give some explanation of why the new platter, weighting less, will be better then the 'super'. I think two steps back has been taken. Oh, the price of the new platter is 800, before trade in of 200. Seems Harry has been listening to his customers with this new pricing.
Audio company's explanations almost always sound good. That's why we went rim drive to belt drive to direct drive to belt drive to rim drive, all of which had good explanations. Every few years we convince ourselves that the prior "generation" were fools. And buy new stuff. And then realize we were uninformed idiots when a new theory gets picked up in the audiophile press and ad copy (where you can distinguish them). And sure enough, need to buy new stuff.

We don't need an explanation. We need to listen to it.
I added the Super Platter to my Aries 3 which also had the thick acrylic platter, periphery ring and center weight. I did notice additional reduction of noise floor and blacker background. I wouldn't describe the difference as "huge", but was noticeable.

But now Buconero117 has peaked my curiosity about this aluminum platter. I too think some explanation is in order. Does anyone know more about this? I don't find anything on the website. But there is a conspicuous lack of information about the Super Platter on the website. Maybe it's already pulled?
i asked vpi recently about upgrading my scoutmaster platter to the newer aluminum platter or the super platter. they responded that the aluminum platter was $500 if you return the acrylic platter or $700 if you keep your platter. they stated that the super platter was out of stock, but didn't mention anything about it being discontinued.
Or perhaps a TT Weights copper mat on top of the existing platter, with or without his carbon fiber layer, clamp, and periphery ring system. That adds 4 lbs. of rotating mass, in addition to other beneficial effects. The copper mat improved my TNT.