VPI Scoutmaster questions.........

Is this table much of an improvement over the Scout? How close could I get with a Scoutmaster with upgrades to the performance of the Superscoutmaster? I am getting close to purchasing my first and hopefully only table (don't want to buy and then upgrade six months from now) soon. I would appreciate any words of wisdom from the turntable crowd. And please don't tell me to get a Teres as I don't have then kind of coin or patience to wait that long. No offense to Teres owners as they are obviously superb machines. Thanks for all the help. You guys and gals make this hobby so much easier for me. I greatly appreciate your help and efforts.
Audiogon'r Slipknot1 made the upgrade from the Scout to Scoutmaster and has been very pleased with the improvements. I've heard his system with both and agree with his assessment.
The new motor/bearing combo in the Scoutmaster is SO much quieter. The background is a lot blacker, and the noise floor is much lower. I have noticed, with limited listening thus far, that my system is much more resolving at lower volumes than before. http://forum.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/fr.pl?vevol&1069279142&openfrom&78&4#78
If you then add a motor controller, such as the Walker Audio or VPI SDS, the Scoutmaster is very very good. I doubt that you'd be searching for an TT upgrade until much more in your system has changed.

I upgraded from a Scout to Scoutmaster (and I also have the SDS). The difference is NOT SUBTLE. The Scoutmaster is noticeably better, as Slipknot noted. I found the bass is much tighter, the details much cleaner, and most importantly, the enjoyment much higher. It was certainly worth the reasonble cost ($975) for the upgrade.

I have not had the opportunity to hear the Super Scoutmaster, so I cannot compare. And to be honest, I am quite content (at least for now) with the rig I've got.
FWIW, Harry Pearson (editor of TAS) chose both the VPI TNT HR-X and the Super Scoutmaster for "Golden Ear" awards. Harry raved about the performance of the "Super", noting that as he improved the quality of the phono stages and preamps used with the "Super", he found the turntable sounded better and better. I know if I had $5k to spend right now on a TT, the "Super" would be my choice.
Hello Nick, Yes somewhat confusing now almost like Goldilocks and the 3 Bears.... Which Bed, Which Porridge?

Well if money where no object the Super Scoutmaster is the way to go. If your on a budget you could go for a Scout, & add a few upgrades. The Scout, & Scoutmasters Wow & Flutter measurements are the same. The only difference is that since both are non-suspended designs the Scoutmaster adds 15 lbs. of additional mass dampening with it's double plinth design.

I would get a Scout, SDS, and upgrade the following... Ad the new stainless steel record weight, the new seamless anti static black belt, & purchase the 300 rpm motor upgrade kit to replace the Scouts stock 600 rpm motor. With the addition of some sort of isolation platform, or device it would then be a tough difference between the Scoutmaster, & the Scout.

I would spend the difference on a better phone stage, or cartridge instead. Yet the Hrx motor alone on the Super Scoutmaster is worth jumping for if you can stretch the budget?
I can't really comment on the differences, but I recently set-up a Scoutmaster with SDS and peripheral ring clamp with a Dynavector XX-2 cartridge for member velocoracing. I am a Linn/Rega guy so will not go into sound quality, but having owned VPIs of the past, I was really impressed with the marvelous quality of the fit and finish and the ease of setup. This is as user friendly as a unipivot gets. If you like the VPI house sound you will love the Scoutmaster. It is a bargain at the price.
I have had the Scout and now have the Scoutmaster in my system. I auditioned both the SDS and the Walker Motor Controller. While the SDS made a vast improvement in pace and rhythm, the Walker is in another league altogether. While it is almost twice as much as the SDS, the difference between the two is priceless. Backgrounds are blacker, and the focus and timbre of instruments are very well delineated. That said: I would also add that there have been numerous posts here on AudiogoN about the mass and control of the JMW unipivot arm and it's ability to handle very low compliance carts such as the Denon 103 series and the Shelters. I have three carts that I use with my Scoutmaster/Walker combo: Dynavector 17D MKII, Denon 103, Shelter 501 MKII. All three have their strengths and weaknesses, but all three work very well on the JMW arm, as long as you are willing to invest some time with careful setup and VTA. I currently have the Shelter installed and am enjoying what it does in my system.
If you decide to go the Scout or Scoutmaster route, and can swing the extra money, give serious consideration to an investment in the Walker Motor Controller. You won't regret it.
wow, and not one person telling you to get a teres, amazing. i have a scoutmaster, with the upgrades you were talking about, (sds, ring clamp, heavyweight), and it is an incredible maching, of course, you're getting pretty close to super scoutmaster or teres dollars with the addition of the extras, but the sound is amazing, i wish i would have bought it first, before my digital equipment, because i don't hardly listen to cd's anymore. but i think, whatever you decide, you're not going to be dissapointed with a VPI table.
You might want to try the Black Diamond Racing record clamp. It's $300 but makes the other clamps look bad. You can get it from Music Direct. If you don't like it or don't think it's worth the scratch you have 30 days to send it back. My one piece I had for years threaded out on me so I got the stainless one. Then I noticed the BDR in MD catalog. The guy talked me into it and I figured what the hell, got 30 days. This clamp kicks ass even over the stainless besides being drop-dead gourgous. The only thing I don't care for with VPI is how are you going to get accurate antiskating twisting the tonearm wires? Don't care for their tonearms.