VPI Scoutmaster or the Signature Final Tool table

Anybody with an opinion to offer on which of these two turntables is the better: the VPI Scoutmaster or the Signature Final Tool? Thanks
I would bet the Final Tool a better table but I have no experience. Having said that they are both fine tables and the real question to me would be this: if you plan on keeping it for a long time I would go with VPI as they have been in business forever and don't look like they are going anywhere. Acoustic Signature has a very small sales presence in North American and, with the dollar doing its usual shrinking act, their products will only get more expensive and maybe cause them to abandon the market. Who knows?

The Final Tool can accomodate a 12" arm with an optional armboard but it is very expensive. I think you can get prices on the Final Tool options at the NeedleDoctor website.
Dear lornoah: The Final Tool is a top performer TT. It has an external power supply that is an excellent one. The non-oil bearing is a " tour de force ". You can mount up to three tonearms and can work with up to three motors.

This is a TT for the long life.

I own two Acoustic Signature TTs and never had any compliant about.

This German company is very trusty and well know in the audio industry, I don't thik that you can have problems about.

You can't go wrong with the Final Tool MK2.

Regards and enjoy the music.

I own a scoutmaster and a final tool and I can say that for me the FT kills the VPI in every category... It is built with a degree of care hardly found anymore at any price, the FT's external power box is a steal when you calculate buying one to go with a VPI, and the musicality of the FT is astounding -- clarity of bass, openess. I have the FT set up with a kuzma arm and a shelter 901. The VPI SM has the dynavector 20 low output cart.

The one thing I did do was ditch the flannel mat that came with the FT and made myself a craft-foam mat that cuts static and allows the table to spin while I change LPs.