VPI ScoutMaster or Project RM10

Both are in same price range, both have positive press, and both can be had within 25 mile drive from 2 dealers in the area, wich would you choose please and elaborate if you have time, thanks Chad
I would go with VPI for the following: Upgradeable, Parts easily obtainable, sound quality, american made, resale value will be higher.
All one mans opinion, others may disagree.
The VPI in my opinion is a better engineered, higher quality, better built table.
VPI hands down, and you did say dealer??? Make the rotten SOB's give you both with draws on you CC, then choose and keep one and take the other back.

That's part of why they get they're mark up.

If they won't do it, I suggest either mail order at a discount or find another dealer who will.

A great audio dealer is priceless, a snobby a _ _ should be outta business.

I know, I live in Detroit and get most of my gear from Indy as the local a _ _ is such a jerk. Big city like Detroit and one REAL high end dealer.

VPI Scoutmaster is a complete product, not a Project.
You can go wrong with Scoutmaster.
I meant you can't go wrong with Scoutmaster!
thanks guys thats what I figured.
RM10 placed itself out of it's niche.OK up till 9 but there was no reason to build "showpiece $2500 deck" when others like VPI,Acoustic Sound Final Tool,and others were trying to make bread and butter (i.e. way to keep company going) poroducts that bested it.It's like thier Icararus product and they'll get burned on it.
I haven't heard the Scoutmaster, but it was on my short list with the Pro-ject RM10. I went with the RM10 because my excellent dealer, Soundings in Greenwood Village, CO, carried Sumiko products and I'd just bought Vienna Acoustic's Beethovan Baby Grand speakers from this guy a few weeks before.

After a little more than a month living with the Pro-ject I have no misgivings whatsoever. Combined with the Sumiko Blackbird cartridge and Pro-ject's Tube Box I hear stunning resolution and musical delivery.

The very first cut that I played was from one of my D2D recordings of Harry James. I play trumpet and when I do my dachshund moans. CD and SACDs don't phase her. When Harry started his solo on the cut "Corner Pocket" she started moaning within two bars. She was hearing the total sound of trumpet, not some homoginized, scaled down replica. I could hear the real sound of trumpet.

Despite having about 1000 albums going back to the late 1950s, I've quickly invested another $1000 in new vinyl. Analogue Production's Fantasy 45 Series is full of great albums by top artists. Ella and Joe Pass, Wes Montgomery Trio, Tony Bennett and Bill Evans, Basie and others all sound great. Wow! Those are fantastic recordings.

I don't have the Speed Box. Listening to a lot of piano I'm not feeling a need since they seem rock-steady. That big platter and magnetic repulsion almost eliminate friction. (With the belt off the platter will spin a long while if you run it up around 45 rpm and let it go). Anyway, that low friction and high mass seem to control speed very well. I may borrow a Speed Box to try in the system to see if it makes a difference.

When you consider the fabulous 10", carbon fiber arm and isolation platter that's included in the package, I couldn't see getting the 9.1. You could easily spend the price difference on the isolation platform alone.

As for those old recordings, I'm hearing them in new light. The richness of inner detail has me spellbound. The equivalent CDs are unlistenable in comparision.

I'm now looking around for HiDef analogue to digital devices, like the Alesis or Sound Devices 722 to record these incredible sounds and get them into my iPhone and iTunes at work and on the go.

Anyway, the RM10 is the real thing. Like I said, I haven't heard the Scoutmaster, and I'm sure's it's good, but in the price range you will be very happy with the Pro-ject. It's well engineered and constructed and delivers excellent sound quality.

I hear that Fremer has a review ready for release soon. I hope that's true. I'd love to read his comparision to the competition in this price slot and above.

I know this is an old thread, but no one seemed to offer a view from the Pro-ject camp, so I thought I'd chime in.

This thread is about a year old, went with Scoutnaster and no complaints........cheers
One great thing about these forums is that they inform not only the original inquisitors, but others that later face the same issue, as I did.

When the question was originally asked, the RM10 was brand new and few, if any, were able to comment. Hence, my update of this old thread.

I just wanted to note I was not needing any more help but thanks.
But hey how does it sound? Are you happy with it? Sometimes it's nice to hear how the recommendations played out for you.
The table was for my father and we dont live in the same state but when I do hear it sounds great, I think the Benz cart (cant recall name but its a sub $1000 model) is a bit too laid back for me but I cant fault the table for anything other than an annoying pop when the motor is turned on and off wich a resistor could probably fix.
All in all I still like my SOTA better but its more about the suspension and Vac hold down.
I use an RM-10 with a benz Ruby 2 to great effect. Had a heavier counterweight installed as the Benz is heavy. Use a speedbox 2. Am thinking of moving the the VPI Classic 3! If I juggle the offset could be about $1,000 to $1,500. Thoughts?
Dmbaudio...the Classic 3 is a great table at a very cost effective price. Get a Benz LP-S with it (tell VPI to send you a heavier counterweight), and when you're ready to upgrade, get rid of the minifeet, and screw in Bearpaws - Vermontaudio.com
I would take the project carbon fiber arm over any JMW arm. Keep the Project - unless you're having a major problem with it
This thread is 4yrs old guys.
Then let's keep it going; I just reread he thread and found it to be interesting and informative. I own both Music Hall (Project) and VPI tables and I enjoy both; they are quite different sonically and the engineering is finer with the VPI. Set up is key to gettign themaximum performance out of them. Cheers!
I am in the same situation as Dmbaudio. Have had a RM 10 for many years, recently upgraded the cartridge to a A90 (from a Transfiguration Spirit) and the phono pre to the Avid and my dealer suggested the Classic 3 as a worthwhile upgrade. Since, I have the right to try it at home I will dive in. So far, I have not disliked any of his suggestions.
I recommend you think it over for 4-5 years and then make a decision.