VPI Scoutmaster Hum Problem Solved

This letter is to thank the two members of audiogon who responded to answer my request for help with regard to the
VPI Scoutmaster hum problem. In one day the two very helpful members solved my problem. I followed their advice
and silence again returned to the phono stage of my preamp.
Audiogon provides a great service to its members as it gives us the ability to communicate with each other in helping us to achieve our goal of lsitening to beautiful music. Thanks again.
Gotta love Audiogon.

Many of these guys have proven to be a great resource for me as well. I've learned a lot from Sean, Newbee, Tireguy, Albertporter, Lugnut, Lakefrontroad, Eldartford- and on and on.

Hell-I even learned a few things from Slappy!
How did you solve the problem? I'm sure there are a lot of Scout owners out there that may run into it at some point. Thanks.