VPI Scoutmaster feet

To date, I've used the standard VPI cone feet on my TT to adjust for the slight level inaccuracy of the built-in shelf in my listening room. However, to level properly it left two of the cones toward what I would consider a bit of an extreme with respect to a decently firm contact with the TT.

Thinking of replacing the cones with the VPI flat feet. To those that have these, do they allow (and are they designed) to be used for levelling? I understand within reason; the amount of levelling I'm talking about is on the order of say 3-4 mm max or so.

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What I use are the Star Sound Audio Points. They are threaded brass cones that screw in in place of the standard feet. They also make brass washers to use as spacers so that the cones remain in contact with the table when leveling the table. I have tried the flat feet and these sound better. I am a dealer for both VPI and Star Sound and have sold several sets to satisfied customers. One thought it was the best improvement for the money he had ever made. Check out the Star Sound Technologies web site. Call Robert at Star Sound, he is very helpful, tell him Stan sent you so he will know the cones you want.
The removal of the rubber ring is the thing that I credit with much of the performance increase of the Star Sound feet. If you want a rigid suspension for your turntable then I can't imagine how it would help. You don't want the table damped in the base, if you do want it dampened put in a real suspension system. Every time I have used rubber in an interface it has degraded the sound The brass washers I mentioned keep a tight lock between the feet and the table; the result is better bass and faster transients. I would not want to give up either but the SDS would go before the feet if I had to make a choice. The advantage of rigidity in the new VPIs is that speed increases over the old suspended ones, the rubber rings decrease that rigidity and lessen the speed. Of course this assumes a good platform for the table. To demo the VPIs I have one set up on the optional turntable shelf of a Star Sound rack and the other on a VPI TNT stand which is loaded with 25 Kg of Atabits [small steel shot] and had the standard feet replaced with SS brass ones. On top the table sits on a 3" maple platform with another set of brass cones between it and the platform. Both of these present a very rigid system in which vibrations are removed from the table quickly. The rubber simply slows this down. Suspended tables can work very well too, but it should be one or the other, not introducing a small element of one into the other. I have derived this approach empirically from an absurd amount of experimenting over the last year and a half.
The Star Sound feet are $ 43 each. the 1.5 inch size, The 2 " work as well. I also use their saucers under the points, they are $8.50 or so. I took the rubber feet off the motors and substituted their .2 Audio points point down. Either blutaked on the bottom of the motor or just slid under it. You will be really surprised at the difference. I have done this on the Scout , Scoutmaster , and Aries and can give advice on each in particular if you are interested, just email. I tried some suspended platforms under the new tables that had worked with the old ones but the results were not good. I am lucky to have concrete floors so some suspension might be helpful if floors are bouncy enough.