VPI Scoutmaster Belt...Is Your's Still Going???????

My new Scoutmaster's belt died after just 3 months. Just dried out really fast and of course started to stretch which caused speed instability.

Anyone else had this problem?
No, two years now with no trouble. Is your belt the black nitrile?
Mine is 3 years old and no problem on the VPI Scout (not master)
Yes, it is the black nitrile.
If the belt is not too badly stretched, you may be able to get some more life out of it by putting into a bag of talcum powder and shaking it around. After only 3 months though, it sounds more to me like it may be a bad belt. Give Sheila at VPI a call and explain the situation, be ready to give her the serial number of the table though. They may help you out and just send you a new belt. I have had nothing but positive experience whenever I have had to call.
thats what i would do as well, that definately sounds like a bad belt.
After having an HW-19 for about 20 years I just got an Aries Extended. While I have very little time on it one thing that has baffled me is belt tensioning. The motor assembly can be positioned anywhere you want so you could have very light tension or way too much, whereas the HW-19 has a fixed distance so belt tension is constant. Could too much tension be the reason why Gregory_earl had premature failure? My Aries manual says nothing about positioning the motor for proper belt tension. I would assume the Scout is in the same predicament. For reference I have positined my motor so the gap between the motor and the cutout in the plinth is equidistant.
I own a Scoutmaster, and manual states, motor should extend aprox. .25 inch from side of TT chassis.
Apparently I'm not the only one having a problem. My dealer says he's had a problem with them too. I e-mailed VPI and Mike said they are working on a new version of this belt and by the time my new one wears out they will send me another.

Also the two belts on the outside of my periphery ring clamp have broken. I contacted Harry via Audio Asylum and he sent me two new ones at no charge. He said it seems to be a west coast or sun related problem possibly linked to ozone.

I only started this thread to see if others experiences have mirrored my own. I love my Scoutmaster and wouldn't trade it for the world. Oh....maybe a Super Scoutmaster :>)
Thanks Toudou, that's essentially the same gap as on my Aries.
Bought a Scoutmaster dealer demo three months ago. After about 20 hours of use, the belt broke. Stretching it reveals cracking along its entire length. The dealer has the unit about 8 months before I purchased it. He had VPI to send a new belt and they indicated heat might be a factor. I found a previous responder's comment about ozone interesting as I live in Grass Valley, CA, the second worst location for ozone in CA. (Has to do with pollution rising up the foothills from Sacramento then remaining in our location with the coolness of evening.)
no problem with the the platter belt of my scoutmaster, but did have 2 belts break on the ring as well. but since they were replaced several months ago, no problems.