VPI Scoutmaster and the Audiomods tonearms

I was wondering if anyone has swapped their VPI tonearms for either the Audiomods series 5 or the series 5 standard. My concern is not only the difference in sound quality but if the Audiomods will fit with the VPI rim drive attached and the Gingko plinth dustcover when not in use.
Thank you very much.
No direct experience but the 303 is a 9 inch arm and the Scoutmaster can accomodate a 9 or 10.5 inch arm. The rear CW of the Audiomods does look like in protrudes more than the JMW rear CW, therefore the arm should fit and not interfer with the dustcover.
Gingko can cut out a section of the dust cover if the tonearm doesn't fit...no problem
Brf and Stringreen,
Thank you for your responses.