VPI Scoutmaster and Target Wall Shelf

Does anyone here use a Target Wall Shelf with a VPI Scoutmaster? My audio system on on a second story, wood floors with carpet. The whole tone arm bounces around when walking across the floor, so I've decided I've had enough and I am planning to use the Target wall shelf. I see they have a larger version and I'm wondering if anyone here has one in use with a VPI scoutmaster if they could tell me of the turntable will fit the shelf OK.
I'm using the larger Target shelf (I believe Model PS-1) with a Scout which I believe is the same dimensions as the Scoutmaster. Fits perfectly. I've also replaced the MDF board in the Target shelf with a Symposium Svelt Shelf of which a limited number were made to fit the PS-1. A nice way to extend the performance of the Target shelf and the entire playback system. Have a look at my system photos if you want to see how the table fits on the shelf. Lastly, be sure to screw the Target shelf directly into the wall studs. Drill the holes as small as possible relative to the size of your mounting hardware so that you get a very firm bite. Do this and you will never worry about the table being too heavy for the wall shelf. Don't and always wonder if your table is going to come crashing down.
Take a look at Bearpaws at Vermontaudio.com... You get rid of the minifeet, and screw these things in. I have a Superscoutmaster, and the difference for the better was absolutely startling.
Target also makes a 2-shelf wallshelf, which you may want to consider for the phono preamp and the power supply. However, it only comes in the smaller size, I believe. I don't know whether this will fit the Scout, so check first. There are a few inches of space between the back of the shelf and the wall, so you have some wiggle room. The platform on the small one is approximately 14" x 18", so judge accordingly. BTW - the shelf does absolute wonders for the tt as far as floor-induced vibrations go. I also agree that changing the shelf may be helpful, but that's a matter of trial and error. Everything you put a component on will change the sound, but not necessarily for the better. I found that a 1/2" thick piece of Corian got the sound I liked.
VPI recommends a thick maple block under their tables. Bearpaws are even better. Corian is good...Ultima is even better, though very expensive.
Turntable measures about 19.5 x 14 (with motor sticking out)
Where the feet are I think I can fit onto an 118.5x14 platform. The right side of the turntable may have to extended out on that side. I think I'll go with the Target 2 shelf unit so for when I add the SDS later down the road. I also plan to order the 2" mapleshade platform upgrade ($245) and isoblocks to mount it to the wall shelf. Later I will add the bearclaws or mapleshade brass footers to replace the stock metal cone feet.

Oops, that should be 18.5x14 platform in my previous post.

Be careful, my Scout just fits comfortably on the oversized PS-1. You need room for the motor to extend beyond the side of the turntable plus it is nice to have a little extra space for stylus cleaning fluid, record brush, etc. If you add an SDS later the cable is plenty long to place it on your rack nearby. I took a close look at the smaller Target shelf and decided it was going to be a VERY tight fit--too close for comfort. Just MHO.
I took the plunge and ordered the larger single shelf model. I'd like to replace the stock MDF board with maple later. Also would like to change the stock cone feet on the Scoutmaster to some mapleshade heavyfeet. But I'll start with the shelf first and tweak one step at a time.

Congrats Arnold. I think you will be pleased with the larger shelf. You may want to keep your eyes out for a Symposium Svelt Shelf sized to fit as a replacement for your MDF shelf. The Scoutmaster stock feet present the metal to metal contact point that the Symposium shelf is designed for to drain away vibration. There are not many of these out there but I have found it to be an excellent substitute for the stock MDF shelf. Enjoy!
So it seems Target has moved their factory and the shelf is on back order. I looked around the web and found a shelf I like even better:

Quadraspire Q4 Wall Bracket. I opted for maple shelf on silver bracket
Ordered from Gene Rubin Audio. The person I talked to on the phone even measured one for me to make sure the Scoutmaster will fit on it.

Here's an update. So about a week ago, I got the Quadrasprie wall rack in. I mounted it, but it's very flimsy. Not built well. The side rails are separate and you have to bolt them onto the wall mount. They do not stay at a 90 degree angle from the mount. For $375 I expected better build quality. I'm going to see about getting a return. I found this here on audiogon and looks like it would be more stable.


I've sent an email to the dealer with a few questions about it's mounting system and weight support. Looks like it will handle a scoutmaster without any issues.

Look for the original Target Wall Mount.

NOT the current version. Unfortunately, you might have to be patient. I bought mine for $80 in the past few years. Replaced the MDF shelf with a much better constrained layer DIY design costing about $100 (if you wanted to do it on the cheap you could do a pretty good CL design for $30).

Mounted properly into the studs, there is no turntable this would not support, unless the table weighed more than 200 lbs.

The Blinn stuff looks good, but from the pictures, it looks like the wood sits flush with the wall. Where do the wires go? Over the sides? Not too pretty as far as I can see. I'm not saying it does work this way, but you should check it out. The Targets have a cutout behind the turntable for you to run the wires out the back with no problems. Good luck with this - TT setup can be frustrating, but once you've isolated it, it's very rewarding and easy to deal with.