VPI Scoutmaster and 300 rpm motor

Does anybody out there know if the Scoutmaster originally came with the 300 rpm motor or was it a later upgrade? Do all Scoutmasters have the 300 rpm motor? Thanks
I believe that either my dealer info or the web site says do not order the 300 rpm motor if you have a Scoutmaster as it comes with one. Take a look at the accessory page on the website and see what it says.
The 300 RPM motor was an upgrade to the Scout. The ScoutMaster and SSM already come with a 300 RPM motor.
Interestingly, I am told I have an upgraded 300 rpm motor, that came with my Aries III, but the motor is 4.5 inches tall from the bottom of its rubber feet to the top of the stainless steel housing and my Aries III plinth is 4 inches tall from the top of the plinth to the bottom of the cones. I have noticed this upgraded motor has a 3/8 inch metal strip bottom between the stainless steel housing and the rubber feet. If true, that is how you can identify it. If its 4.5 inches tall, some will have to make adjustments to their table with spacers, pucks, etc. for it to fit correctly from a height perspective with the table.
The easiest way to indentify the 300RPM motor is that the pulley is 2-3 times the size of the 600RPM pulley.