VPI Scoutmaster 2 vd Clearaudio Performance SE

looking for a new table in the $2500 range. these two table are at the top of my list. i heard the VPI and really like it. unfortunately i cant demo the Clearaudio. any thoughts on these 2 table or other recommendation would be helpful. thanks for your help.
I have a Superscout and love it. The Clearaudio tends to be lighter in character. Harry gives great support.
I have had both the Scoutmaster Sig (not the "2") and the Clearaudio Performance. I thought the Clearaudio was a much better table. In my system it was much warmer, fuller, faster, and just all around better. The Scoutmaster always seemed bright. I had them both on isolation platforms, and I did have the perirphery ring with the Scout. The Performance was still much better in my system.

With that said, I must tell you that I now have the VPI Classic, and to me it's in another league from either of those rigs. I wouldn't trade you both of them together for my Classic. I love this thing.
yeah.Want to call Harry and ask him why he has so many decks all at competing price points (Sig 2,Classic and what the hell is need for Scout 2?).Fromm all the feedback and first reviews Classic is a winner going back to old school tech.Might get rid of my Aries 1/12.5 for cheaper deck and add ring,and have money for a extra arm tubes plus save some space.I hear Classic is that good.
You really have to hear what the Classic does to understand it. Harry's other tables all sound a bit different, with different plus's and minus's I have a Superscout and wouldn't trade in spite of the hype.