VPI Scoutmaster

I just bought a VPI Scoutmaster turntable but I'm uncertain as to which screws to loosen to adjust VTA and the manual dosen't tell me. I have a feeling that it's not the screw at the very bottom of the tonearm assembly. Rather, there are three screws in parallel farther up on the tonearm assembly. Of these three screws I have a feeling it's the one furthest back. And then there is a screw on the back of this same part of the assembly which may need to be loosened. If anyone could confirm for me which screws to loosen to adjust VTA it would be appreciated. Thanks.
At the very base of the tower, there are TWO setscrews: one on the side near the cueing arm, and one on the back.
Both of these must be loosened. Then use the knurled adjustment nut to move your VTA up or down, then retighten the setscrews. It only takes a little to change the VTA...